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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Archie faces an attack

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with SP asking the staff to find Sumer, and stop wasting time on this trained dog. Constable Bindal says don’t remove clothes, try to understand. People talk that even Raja’s family isn’t spared from Kaal Bhairav curse. Archie comes to the palace and tries to get in. She is stopped by guards. She hears some people talking about Rajguru lowering head in front of the royal family. Archie calls Kashinath and says I have some imp work with Veer. Kedar sees Archie. He asks what are you doing here. She says I have to talk something imp. She takes him aside and says Veer’s life is in danger, not because of curse, but by Naagwalli people. He says we heard about them in childhood, they have snake sign on their bodies, we didn’t see them ever.

She says today an

attack will be made. He asks her to see the tight security. She asks him to take her to Veer. He agrees and takes her. A lady enters the palace. Archie pays respect to Yash and greets everyone. The lady goes to put flowers at Yash’s pic. She holds her baby in womb. She sees Yash and spits on him. She curses Yash’s family and goes. Men talk that they aren’t scared of royal family. The man hides the snake sign on his hand.

Kashinath asks Veer to stay with his family as of now. Kedar comes. Veer scolds him. He says Archie, Kedar wasn’t my friend ever. Archie says someone called me and said your life is in danger. Veer says you should have not come back, I have heard this always, my life is in danger. He asks her to go, he has to conclude Yash’s final rites. He goes. Archie thinks of her fate. She thinks if this curse thing is true. She hears the men talking. She thinks this happened with Yash too, maybe Veer will get attacked too. She calls out the men. They see her and rush. Archie goes to see. A man says don’t let Veer come out of the palace, Naagwalli people are going to kill him. She says you called me right, where are those people. He shows the people. She shouts to the men. They drop the snake there and run. She shouts snake. Everyone get alert seeing the snake. Horses go out of control.

Veer sees Archie in trouble. She falls down. He tries to help her. He moves her aside. They roll on the ground, while the horses go violent. Kashinath shoots in the air. Horses are taken away. Veer says I told you to leave from here, if anything happened to you. She asks what would you do. Maharani says what’s this, you didn’t listen to me, who is this girl, you risked your life for her. The man hides and cries, saying Veer will get killed. The goon pushes him. The man gets hit by the horse. Archie asks Kedar to help the man. She sees those goons leaving. She says they are Nagawalli people. Police comes there. The goons flee. Archie asks the man is he fine. She says he was trying to tell us something, get the car. She takes the man in the car. She gets shocked seeing Lali’s spirit.

Maharani says when this is the curse, Veer has to become the prince and also get married. Gauri gets possessed. Kaal bhairav says Veer can’t run away from the palace, the entire village has to bear the punishment if he goes. Rajguru gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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