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Twinkle- I don’t know where that Twinkle, went who fought for her when Kunj who tried to cheat her. Today when I know he did wrong with me, still I am not able to stay angry with him. I am falling weak in front of him. But look at him, he is right, he never can stay alone, as he loves having s*x. Look at him now he has a girlfriend and has gone to call her. I am sure now he must be very happy, not sad like he was with me. I am quite sure the girl must be the same with whom I saw him that day with him. Thinking about that day Twinkle’s eyes moistened, but she controlled and stood there with a fake smile on her face. But why I am feeling bad, I should not, he moved on, threw me out of his life and me, I am still at the same place, still love him.

Twinkle was brought out of her thought by Chinki who tapper her on her shoulder.

Chinki- You never told about him having girlfriend?

Twinkle- I….wo…. I also came to know now only.

Twinkle was standing at her place bowing her head thinking about those sad moments and trying to hold back her tears.

Naman- Your ex-husband is really se*xy.

Twinkle UV and Chinki looked at him and understood he was trying to lighten the moment and Chinki joined her too saying- Don’t tell me Naman that you are bi se*xual and that’s why you are acting now like a gay?

Naman- I just said what I thought, don’t call me that Chinki.

Chinki- Thank god, you told me I need to protect my UV from you.

UV- Enough, stop admiring him and Twinkle how come you forgot to mention about his girlfriend.

Twinkle- UV believe me, I myself was not aware about this.

Naman- I wish I was his girlfriend.

Chinki –Naman stop it, I am just fed up two people love with same person and you Naman, I never knew my brother is, uff, I definitely need to protect my baby from you.

UV- Oh Chinki, stop behaving like that, anyways you didn’t saw Naman’s acting he behaved like a real possessive boyfriend of Twinkle, which really made Kunj jealous.

Chinki- and how can you say that?

UV- I know him better than you all.

Twinkle- He never loved me, and toady he proved that. Twinkle said almost trying hard t stop her tears but the thought of Kunj having girlfriend made her really sad.

UV- Hey Twinkle, don’t be sad, we are always with you and don’t come to the conclusion, I am quite sure something is going in his mind and we all don’t exactly know his intentions ad will try our best to avoid any such situation where he might hurt you. (UV in his mind- Why seeing Kunj, I feel that Kunj has something going in his mind and with the way he saw Twinkle, clearly showed that he still loves her a lot and was really angry to see her with Naman, I need to find out what exactly is going and what happened that made Kunj do all this)

Naman- Ok guys, we are here at the party let’s have some fun and Twinkle, from next week I will drop you to your new office.

Chinki- I need to tell you girlfriend, poor she.

Naman- Shut up

Twinkle UV smiled at the kind of fight going on between brother and sister.

Suddenly a person came with a glass bowl and asked all four of them to pick a number from the paper.

UV- What’s that for?

Man- Sir, whatever number you will pick, some other person will have the same number and that other person will be your dance partner for tonight.

Chinki- Partners will be men and women, only right?

Man- Of course Mam.

Twinkle was amused to listen this kind of question from Chinki and before anyone could ask her, she herself clarified that no ways she wants Kunj and Naman to be dancing together. Everyone laughed out loud listening where as Naman was a bit embarrassed and passed death glares to Chinki who was standing there like a worried sister.

All of the opened their paper. UV got 27 and searched for the same number when his eyes found his partner and god old UV was back.

UV- Hey, look at that, she is really hot. UV’s coming baby.

Chinki- UVVVVVV, better you don’t start flirting with her, else you know won’t get what you are always hungry for.

UV gulped hard and said- No baby, you know I will not do anything like that.

Uv oved near Chinki and pecked her on her lips, whereas UV made the kiss hard before Chinki could move away.

Twinkle- What you guys are doing?

Naman- I think we should leave otherwise we will get to see an adult movie and that also live. What say Twinkle.

Twinkle- I get to hear daily from them.

UV- Shut up you guys. UV said keeping a stern face whereas Chinki was blushing really hard.

UV- Anyways tell me the number you all have got.

Chinki- I got 72

Twinkle- 9

Naman- 135

While all four were talking and having fun Twinkle felt a person standing right behind her, that person was saying a word but still twinkle knew who was standing behind her ad she was not willing to face him again but anyways she has to face him and she turned and found Kunj standing just behind her.

Kunj- Gosh, she is so beautiful. When I saw that UV shamelessly kissing Chinki, that turned me on as well. Now that she is just standing few inches away from me, I just want take her into my embrace and kiss her. I was just gazing at her lips shamelessly as I was not able to shift my gaze from her. I see her blushing the way whenever I am near her.

Naman- Hey Mr. Kunj, nice meeting you again. So, who is your partner for tonight?

Kunj- Actually, I am near her only. Dance with me only. Kunj said looking towards Twinkle.

Twinkle eyes widen a little out of shock- Hmm?

Kunj- You are my partner for tonight, but yes, I don’t want your boyfriend and other friends to interfere in between.

Twinkle- Ok Sir.

Kunj- Thank God, I brought Twinkle from that stupid boyfriend of hers, otherwise he was continuously finding reasons to touch my Twinkle. I so much want to kill him for touching her.

Twinkle looked at UV and others and left with Kunj, whereas Kunj’s eyes were on Twinkle only He was looking at her with all his love and affection. Twinkle and Kunj made their way towards the dance floor where all couples were dancing.

There were dim lights. Kunj brought Twinkle on the middle of the floor, kept his hand on her back and one hand was holding her hand. He pulled Twinkle near him which made Twinkle surprised. Kunj could see the surprise on her face because of which he could not help but a curve was seen on his lips. They started moving their bodies together. Kunj was already aroused because of Twinkle’s touch, and was urging to kiss her hard but was controlling. They were moving and while dancing Twinkle hair started coming on her face, which was blocking Kunj’s view. Unknowingly Kunj’s hand went near her face to remove the hair. He moved her hair away and his fingers kept moving, starting from forehead, to ear to cheeks and jawline. Twinkle was also lost in his touch and she closed her eyes to feel his touch. After feeling her skin Kunj moved his hand and kept on her waist pulling her closer, which made the gap between them lesser. Twinkle opened her eyes not feeling Kunj’s touch but she was now feeling awkward.

Kunj- Are you Ok?

Twinkle while looking down- Hmm

Kunj- You are looking gorgeous Twinkle, as always. Kunj was saying and pulling her more closer decreasing the gap.

Twinkle- T…tha…thanks.

Kunj- I missed you so much Twinkle.

Twinkle (made an eye contact)- me too Kunj.

Kunj- You don’t know how much I want to kiss you right now?

Twinkle shyly now- Who stopped, I am all yours.

Kunj closed the gap and took her sealed her lips with his and they started kissing each other passionately and Kunj was already dominating and deepening the kiss making it hard for Twinkle to breath but she was enjoying his touch and he was also enjoying the moment and savoring the taste of her lips which he missed from last 2 years. Kunj and Twinkle both were lost in each other when someone just jerked him a little.

Kunj was jerked and he came out of his thoughts looking at the person who brought him out of such a beautiful imagination.

Twinkle- Sir, are you fine, what happened?

Kunj- Oh No I was just imagining to be kissing her and it was Twinkle who broke it (in his thought). Yeah, I am fine, just was feeling a bit tired.

Twinkle- Are you still not taking your sleeps properly? I told you continuously to take your sleeps properly, even doctor suggested you the same, but you never listened to me. Doctor also suggested some medicines also right; do you have them right now?

Kunj was smiling looking Twinkle’s care toward him, about his sleeps, medicines, stress, she still remembered each and everything related with Kunj. He was loving the worried expression on her face.

Twinkle- Kunjjj, what are you thinking?

Kunj- What do you think I am thinking?

Twinkle starts to leave after telling him to take care.

Kunj held her hand and said you better report to me at 8 in the morning, don’t get late or else you know what I will do? Kunj said while looking at UV, Chinki and Naman who all were busy talking to each other.

Twinkle noticed this and said- You better, don’t involve them. She said in a warning tone.

Kunj smirked and said, he was involved long back and you better do what I say, otherwise you know me. I have my own ways to hurt you to kiss you.

Twinkle in her room at night after party

Tinkle left the party with a worried face as she nowhere wants Kunj to hurt UV or others just because of her. She was not able to sleep, as she was not able to understand what Kunj tried to say. She was continuously trying to figure out what Kunj meant by saying “I have my own ways to hurt you to kiss you.” She ke[t tossing ang turning the whole night and could not get any proper sleep.

Next morning

She woke up at 5 in the morning and got ready, made breakfast for all 3 and then she went to Chinki’s room telling her that she will be leaving for office soon. Chinki came out and immediately took Twinkle with her in Twinkle’s room telling that she will decide the dress for Twinkle, though Twinkle said no but Chinki was adamant on selecting the dress for her. Chinki took out a s*xy and beautiful which was a knee length formal dress black and pink in color with a slit on the side of the dress.*xy/32476691038.html

Twinkle- Chinki, I am going to office, why this dress, I will wear simple formal dress, please.

Chinki- No, you have to look really beautiful Twinkle.

Twinkle- But…

Chinki- C’mon Twinkle, it’s not that short, see it’s so long and decent.

Twinkle- But look at the cut, it from knee to thigh, putting one of my full leg visible.

Chinki- Don’t worry, it won’t look until and unless you sit and, you have to sit in your cabin.

Twinkle thought not to argue as, she knew she won’t be able to win in front of Chinki and Chinki being the stubborn one will not leave twinkle until she wears it.

Twinkle hurried for office as she was getting late and don’t want to give any chance to Kunj to hurt her. UV went to drop her as it was first day at Kunj’s office.

Twinkle came out when UV stopped her and said- Twinkle you don’t need to worry about anything, if anything you will give me a call, alright.

Twinkle nodded and UV kissed on her forehead and waved bye to her.

Twinkle ran to her office and went to the reception to ask about the place where she needed to report. She was told the direction by the receptionist and she ran on the floor. As she entered the directed floor, all her past was in front of her like, the floor interior was same as that of Kunj’s office in Sydney and for a moment she went in the times when Kunj and she spend some happy moments. She was brought out by her thoughts when she heard the ring of the lift arriving at that floor. She ran and entered the office only to see her husband ex-husband sitting and working. She knocked and asked permission to enter his cabin.

Twinkle- May I come in sir?

Kunj- You are 3 minutes and 25 seconds late Miss Twinkle.

Twinkle in her own thoughts- What, did he just add 2 minutes extra, as I am just a minute late. Here starts my day with a devil.


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