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Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep plans his comeback

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Deep says get ready for what is going to happen with you. Arohi says first stay alive. Deep says time alive. Deep says remember my words. Police comes. Deep runs from there.
Tara breaks the glass and cuts her hand. She says you did this to me. We would live together and you would be home.
Deep collides with a man. He is about to call police deep hits him and snatches is phone. Deep calls someone and says get ready. We have to show Arohi that my warnings aren’t fake.

Tara gets a letter. It says that Laila is arohi. She see the photo and says Arohi I will kill you. How can she be alive? I killed her. Who saved her.
Aroi says to abhi I feel so alone. Like I won even after winning. Tara screams. Virat says what are you doing. TARa says deep fooled me

for that arohi again. I lost. Virat says you wont. Look at how deep is punished for doing so. He deserves to be on the road he belongs to. Come wit me. Tara slaps Virat.

Aroi sits down crying. She says why did you do this to me deep? You made fun of my love. I hate you deep. Deep leaves. Arohi wonders what deep meant. She sees clock. It sparks Arohi screams.
Deep throws a dagger on photos of arohi tara and virat. He says they will all pay for what they did. Get ready now.
Wasu is praying. Guru ma is keeping an eye on her. Wasu feels someone is there. Abhi takes Guru ma to a side and says someone could see you. Guru ma says I had to come here. I am scared that you have lost your mission. Abhi says I can never forget it. Guru ma says arohi has controlled you competely. Abhi says no one will come between me and our mission.

Manager tells wasu that all the money is transferred back into our accounts. Tara and virat wonder wo did this. Arohi says how did they get all the money back? Wasu says abhi do you know who did it? He says no. Wasu says who got us the money back. arohi wonders if it is deep.
Some neighbors comes and ask waysu that there are voices coming from a room of their house. Wasu takes them to that room and says no one is here.
Tara sees her wounds and takes them out. She says go and kill that Arohi. She says Arohi your dead is coming.

Deep looks at the hounds and says tara things she rules you. I will show them who owns everything including you. She kept you hunrgy so you eat Arohi but I made you eat so you are loyal to me. These hounds are loyal to me. They will do what I ask.
Precap-Deep leaves the hounds on Arohi and says I am the real player of this game.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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