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Internet Wala Love 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai meets with an accident because of Samrat’s conspiracy

Internet Wala Love 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya telling Savvy that this can’t happen. Savvy says don’t you love him. Aadhya says I am worried as Ash is not the right girl. Savvy says so we shall find some other girl friend for him. Aadhya says you are saying anything. Savvy says you can’t see Jai with any girl. Aadhya says this can’t happen and says we are different from each other. Savvy says love happens between different people as they complete each other. Aadhya doesn’t believe her. Savvy says why don’t you understand or don’t want to accept it. She says I am going home and will return in few days. She asks her to think how she feels seeing Ash with Jai. Aadhya says I don’t want to feel anything, I am not in love. Savvy leaves. Aadhya thinks what is happening to her. Jai is walking on the

road and recalls Aadhya’s lie tensedly. Aadhya recalls Jai saving her and thinks we are poles apart from each other. She thinks of Karan Johar’s words and thinks your internet friend might have many flaws, but he might be perfect for you. Jai thinks of Aadhya and smiles. He then gets angry thinking about their fight. He thinks now Aadhya lied to me. Aadhya thinks Savvy is mad, I am not in love with Jai. She thinks why am I doing this. Jai says I shouldn’t have gets angry on her. He gets Rupa’s call and she asks him if he is with Aadhya. She asks if he don’t worry about Ash and says she is feeling lonely.

Jai says you are with her and ends the call. Rupa calls him again, but he don’t pick his call. She comes to Ash and scolds her for putting nail polish to her nails. Ash says I would have gone with them if you had not broken vase on him. Rupa says if they have gone on a romantic date. Ash says you got his licence canceled. Rupa says she didn’t harm her son. A man tells Jai that someone is called for him on PCO. Jai picks the call surprisingly. The man on call threatens Jai and says anything can happen with you. Jai asks him to come infront of him. He thinks who is this man? Aadhya is cutting vegetable in kitchen. Shubhankar rings the bell again and again. Aadhya thinks I just wants to stop Jai from going to wrong way. She gets Shubhankar’s call and opens the door. Shubhankar asks what happened? He says I am ringing bell since half an hour. He talks about his work. Aadhya thinks to talk to Jai. Rupa comes to Shubhankar’s house and gives sweets. She asks Aadhya about Jai. Aadhya says he left from here. Rupa says he was sounding angry and asks where is Jai?

Jai thinks to go back to Aadhya’s house. Aadhya and Rupa are seen in car searching Jai. Rupa calls her inauspicious. Aadhya thinks why is he not picking my call. Jai sees an old man on road trying to cross the road and sitting there. He helps him cross the road. The old man in disguise is Samrat. Rupa asks Aadhya what did she tell Jai that he is not picking your call. Jai helps him cross the road. Old man/Samrat shakes hand with him. Jai starts walking and finds blood on his hand. Samrat takes out gloves and removes his get up. He thinks this chemical will do wonders, you will be punished for getting me kicked out of house. Jai feels drowsy and falls on the glass window which is taken by someone. He falls on road. Aadhya sees Jai falling on window and asks driver to stop the car. Samrat pulls off his mask and says I will see how your love story moves on with Aadhya. People gather there and identifies Jai as RJ. Rajjo and Vihaan come there and lift him. Rupa tells Aadhya that she is not allowed to come. They take Jai to hospital. Aadhya cries and says no.

In the hospital, Rupa prays to God. Aadhya is also there and blames herself for the accident. She thinks if anything happens to her then…Doctor comes and tells that they have taken out glass pieces, but found chemical on his hands because of which he fainted. Rupa is shocked, Doctor says I can’t tell you about the chemical reaction. Samrat is sitting in hospital in disguise and says all Mittals will suffer now. Aadhya cries.

Rupa warns Aadhya not to meet Jai. She imagines Jai and runs out of house to meet him. She climbs the stairs to go to Jai’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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