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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan takes responsibility of the house

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
AJ says now Guddan will run this house. I will just see and how the family is kept together. Now she will fix everything in this house. Durga is angry. AJ says scared? you said you can do everything. Durga says you cant do this. She can’t do anything. She will ruin everything. she can’t even walk straight. No one can handle it better than you. AJ says I keep my word. She will be responsible for this house from today. SHe will do everything she teaches me. All the best. Guddan says but.. He leaves. Durga says you can’t even do it can’t you say no? Laxmi says you will ruin this house. Saru says you have never done anything right. Dadi says enough. She is AJ’s wife. She has complete right on this house and she is the real owner of this house.

I have faith in you Guddan you can do it. Durga says wow. Your faith in her will ruin our lives.

Guddan looks at the keys in tears. She calls Bhushan. Bhushan says why are you worried? She says I am really stressed.. Like.. He says like lost in a mela? Are you eating ice cream? SHe says yes. Bhushan says you did everything you feared of. There is no fear in life. You have to fly. Guddan says yes papa. She looks at the keys and picks them. Guddan collides with AJ. He says what now? Want to tell me more of my problem? She waves the keys and says I have work now. I will decide who will do what in this house. You were ordering people first. You will bring Siddhy home from hospital. He says Siddhi should be in hospital. SHe says this is diwali. You can’t argue with me. I run this house now. He says okay and leaves.

Scene 2
Siddhi comes home. Saru says what is she doing here. Guddan says she is safer here. She will live with people she loves. SAru says but.. aj says she did right. Guddan says I will take her to room. Saru says ask her to stay away from my bhabhi. SHe says she isn’t responsible for Siddhi’s condition. Take care of Siddhi. He leaves. Guddan takes Siddhi to her room. She says everyone thinks I am responsible for all this but you know the truth I wish you could tell AJ. You have to get better and tell me how all this happened.
Perv comes to the room. Guddan says Siddhi don’t worry. I am always there to protect you. She leaves.

Perv sits with siddi an says why are you so scared? You should have died. I can’t see you like this. Should I take you away from this pain forever? No no I shouldn’t kill you. I should see you helpless like this. Guddan has messed with the wrong man.

Laxmi sees the dream that Guddan punishes them. she screams an says saru she will take revenge. Guddan says I can do all this. I can do this. Guddan says but there are so many responsibilities. The keys are not on the table. Guddan looks for them everywhere.
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