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Guys.. I have something for u.. When I started writing this ff,i just randomly wrote the characters.. But now,as I completed 80 chapters,I have got certain picture for the characters.. So based on that,I will give u couples names so that u can imagine them while reading this.. But I know its really very late.. 😂😝 bear with me guys..

Arnav and Shruti-  Arnav and Khushi from ipkknd

Siddharth and Swadheenta – Neil and Avni from naamkarann..(First I said it’s Swadarsh.. But I now feel Avneil will be apt)

Abhi and Ritika – Rudra and Soumya from ishqbaaz..

Hope u like the actors..

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Let’s peep into today’s episode..


The episode starts with Sid and Swadhu talking..

Swadhu : See Sid. We were the first to get engaged. But our friends are getting married before us..

Sid : Ya Swadhu.. This Abhi.. We always tease him for being single. But he is the very first one to become a family man.. And tomorrow Shruti will also get married..

Swadhu : Sid.. What are u going to gift Shruti??

Sid : What gift?? We never got gifts from each other.. That’s a long back.. When we were little.. Why gift between friends??

Swadhu : How can u say so??

Sid : Shruti will not expect all these from me..

Swadhu : I know that.. But the point is,both of u have been so close to each other.. Won’t u miss her after she gets married??

Sid : How will I miss her?? She is going to be here only nah?? But in Arnav bhai’s house.. I will go and see her whenever I feel like..

Swadhu : No Sid.. After marriage,life is different.. I feel u should gift her something special..

Sid : (thinks) Shruti is angry at me.. If I gift her something,she will definitely throw it.. (To Swadhu) But..

Swadhu : No but but.. U have to gift her.. That’s final.. Think of something unique..

Sid gets thinking..

Swadhu goes to Abhi and Ritu and shows thumbs up..


It’s morning.. The sun shines brightly.. A grandly decorated marriage hall is shown..Sid is busy making arrangements for the guests..

Sid : (thinks) Finally.. Shruti’s marriage is going to happen with Arnav.. Hmm.. Hope she will be happy Hereafter.. They will find love.. After all,they are in love with each other but their ego forbids them from accepting the fact.. Hope everything will be alright after their marriage..

He thinks of going and talking with Shruti.. He goes to her room where Shruti is sitting staring at the window.. Some ladies were adorning her.. Sid asks them to go out..
Shruti stares at him simply..

Sid : Shruti.. Finally ur marriage is going to happen.. With the one u loved.. (Shruti was about to say something,but Sid did not let her to) U don’t have to talk anything.. I know very well that what u will say.. U will say that u don’t love Arnav and all.. I don’t want to hear all that as I already had enough of it.. And why to hear from u all those things even after knowing that all of them are lies? Listen to me now.. U are in love with Arnav and soon the problem which happened between both of u would be solved.. I am sure that u will lead a happy life.. Arnav too loves u and soon he will realize that.. And I am really satisfied that u are getting married to Arnav .. Because nobody can handle u except him.. I am damn sure that both of u will start ur cat fights as usual in a few days.. I hope u will be happy Hereafter Shruti.. A very happy married life my dear angrybird..

She just stares at him..

Sid : I want to give a hug to u..

She did not say anything..
He hugged her..But she did not stop him.. Shruti started crying and Sid could feel that she is crying.. He did not say anything.. She cried her heart out hugging him.. He patted her back..

By then Swadhu arrives..

Swadhu : Darlo.. Are u done with ur makeup??

They pulled themselves back on seeing Swadhu..

Swadhu : Oh God.. I spoiled ur bestie moment?? So sorry yaar..

Shruti : No Swadhu.. We were just talking..(wiping tears)

Swadhu : Hmm.. I know both of u are together from ur childhood and it hurts when u get married.. U will get used to it.. And u are not going far dear.. U are going to be in the same city.. We will peep in ur house whenever we feel like seeing u..

Shruti smiled weakly..

Swadhu : Ok Darlo.. Get ready fast. They are gonna call u..

Shruti nodded.. Swadhu takes Sid out..

Swadhu : Sid.. What about the gift thing which I said??

Sid : Ya.. thats done.. I have it..

Swadhu : Hmm.. Give it to her..

Sid nodded..


Shruti is taken to the mandap where Arnav is sitting.. First they have South indian style wedding..

Shruti is wearing a deep red silk saree with matching accessories.. Arnav is in dhoti.. Swadhu and Ritu are in blue and green silk sarees respectively.. Sid and Abhi are also wearing dhoti..

Shruti comes and sits near Arnav.. The pandit chants prayers.. Arnav ties the mangalsutra to Shruti while everybody shower flowers over them.. Shruti has got tears in her eyes.. Arnav sees it..

Sid feels satisfied.. Abhi,Ritu and Swadhu feels happy.. Abhi started teasing Shruti..
After three hours, all of them get ready for the north style wedding.. Shruti is in red lehnga looking gorgeous.. Arnav is in a grand sherwani. .

Swadhu is in golden colour lehnga.. Ritika is in pink colour lehnga which Abhi gifted her.. Abhi is happy to see her in that dress.. He could not take his eyes off her.. Ritika goes near him ..

Ritika : How is it??

Abhi : Not so good.. Ok types..

Ritika : Oh. That’s great..

Abhi : I said it’s ok only..

Ritika : if u say ok,it means that it’s good.. After being with u for these three months,I can guess what u mean by seeing u..

Abhi : Oh.. Is that so?? U are very smart Ritu..

Ritika : If u are sarcastic,I have one more thing to say.. (She shows her hand) See.. Here is ur name in my mehndi.. U wanted to see it nah??

She raised her eyebrows and asked him.. This time,Abhi was surprised that how she found that out.. He looked at her in surprise.. By then,Swadhu called Ritika and she went.. Abhi was just looking at her with love..

Swadhu and Ritu take Shruti to the mandap.. Arnav again makes her wear the mangal sutra.. He fills her forehead with sindoor.. They take rounds around the fire..

They pose for the pictures and finally Sid comes to her and gives her the gift.. Shruti keeps it aside.. Swadhu,Abhi and Ritu were watching seriously expecting that she would open it.. But shruti was disinterested..

Abhi : I told u nah Swadhu?? This won’t work out.. This Ritu and her idea..oh God?? U have given me the dumbest wife while I am very smart.. This is not fair God..

Ritu stared at him angrily and pinched him hard.. Abhi shouted “ Ahh”

Swadhu : Ritu is the best match for u.. She knows how to shut u up.. Very good Ritu.. Not only pinching,u can also hit him,punch him and even kill him.. Nobody will ask u..

Ritika : I will do di..Whenever I get a chance..

Abhi : Someone save me.. These two girls are plotting to kill me.. And Ritu.. Do u know what our indian culture is?? Accepting ur husband even if he is very bad.. Dont u know that??

Ritu : That is for old generation.. We are new and we will not hesitate to even kill him if he does something wrong..(she winks at Swadhu)

Abhi : God.. U cheated me.. I have got the dangerous wife.. I should be very careful.. Ritu ..u are the poison.. I thought that u are the most innocent girl.. But I was wrong.. U are the most dangerous.. I have to be careful with u..

Ritika asks him to shut up..

Ritika : Di.. What can we do now??

Swadhu : Let’s wait.. Hope Shruti will go home and open the gift..

Ritika : Ok di..


Shruti leaves for Arnav’s house..its her bidaai.. She bids bye to everyone.. She hugs everyone in her family.. By then Sid takes Arnav aside..

Sid : Arnav bhai.. I think u know that I am the one who told Shruti’s parents about u and Shruti.. U might be angry at me for that too.. But I know that u love Shruti..I can see it.. But both of u are not accepting the fact and ur ego stops u.. So now Shruti has become ur wife and she is ur responsibility from now on.. Hope u will take care of her.. She loves u a lot bhai.. And I remember how excited she was when she came to propose u.. I could feel the energy in her voice even through the phone.. But she was shattered after she came meeting u.. I know something has happened between both of u.. But u guys are not saying anything about that.. U guys may be thinking of me as a third person and don’t want me to know that.. That’s ok.. Hope u will sort it out later.. Take care of her bhai..

Arnav felt bad for treating Shruti bad that day.. He comes to her .. She was standing near her dad..

Arnav : (to Shruti’s dad) Don’t worry uncle.. I will take care of her.. She is my responsibility..

Shruti looks at him in surprise.. Sid feels happy and smiles..He expected that Shruti would come and hug him and bid bye.. But she did not.. She just said in common to all of them.. Sid felt bad..


It’s night.. Arnav enters his room.. Shruti has changed to her night clothes .. She was tired because of all the rituals which she had to do since the evening.. She did not speak even a word to Arnav.. She sat on the bed and then laid down.

She began sobbing and Arnav could hear it.. He wanted to console her.. But he hesitated.. He spoke softly..

Arnav : Shruti.. Feel free..its ur home from now.. If u want anything,u can ask me.. I will help u..

She got up and looked at him with burning eyes..

Shruti : I don’t want any help from u.. U will talk nicely now.. But if I come close to u,u will hurt me badly.. I am not ready to get hurt again.. I cannot handle it.. U have already hurt me enough.. So please stay away from me.. Don’t say these cheesy words. I don’t want ur concern.. Leave me alone..

She folded her hands and cried..

Shruti : And one more thing.. I tried my best to stop the marriage.. But I failed.. I am sorry.. I am married to u because of fate only.. Don’t say that I am characterless and I loved someone and married u.. Ya.. I loved a man. But he is dead now.. Actually,he did not even exist.. He was an illusion.. I fell in love with an illusion.. I came to know his true colours only when I went to propose him.. I am mad.. Later reality struck me hard on my head and made me understand everything.. I am the biggest fool in this earth..

She cries.. Arnav too had tears on seeing her..

Arnav : I am sorry Shruti.

She did not listen to him.. She lays on the bed and later sleeps because of tiredness.. Arnav was staring at her..

PRECAP : Shruti opens Sid’s gift.. She tells Arnav,”U are responsible for this.. I don’t care if it is midnight. U have to take me out”. Arnav is confused..

Later Arnav gets an important message..

What that message would be?? Will it change their lives??

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