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Chandragupta Maurya 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Reaches To Rescue His Friends

Chandragupta Maurya 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand orders to behead Chandragupta’s friends. Mura thinks when will the savior come to save innocent people from cruel Dhananand. Soldier is about to behead Stulbhadra when Chandragupta walks in dragging box, beating plates. He drops plates and shows golden head saying Dhananand would be more interested in seeing this head than these cut heads. Everyone stand surprise. Dhananand asks who is he. Mahamartya says he is the one who stole golden head and came back here to free his friends. Chandragupta laughs and says if he was the thief, why would he return here to get punished. Mahamartya shouts not to act oversmart. Chandragupta says he wants to prove him intelligent or fool. He continues convince Dhananand. Dhananand laughs and asks him to stop his drama, he knows he is

a slave and stole golden head on his boss’ order, but when his boss found it is Dhananand’s effigy’s head, he ordered to return it. Chandragupta gets tensed thinking Dhananand is cruel and more intelligent. Dhananand says his slave anklet reveals whole story. Chandragupta reminisces going back to his boss and boss ordering to wear back slave anklet.

Chandragupta’s boss Lubda gets tensed hearing that. Chandragupta says he and his boss stole golden head from thieves who stole it first and he came to return it to the great king risking his life. Mahamartya asks Dhananad to not listen to the boy and kill him. Dhananand orders to kill boy. On the other side, Chanakya reaches Lubda;s house to know about Chandragupta and finds house locked. He enquires neighbor who says he must have gone to palace as his team will be killed today. Chanakya tells Bhairav they have to save that boy as he is very precious.

Dhanaand’s brother heads to behead Chandragupta when Chandragupta reminisces his boss Lubda telling he saw only royal ring in man’s finger who gave the task of stealing golden head. He laughs loudly. Mahamartya says he has gone mad in fear. Chandragupta says if he is killed, how will king know who ordered to steal golden head, culprit had royal ring. Dhananand’s brother says Dhananand gifted same ring to 7 brothers. Chandragupta gets tensed and says he has evidence in box and will show it to king. Dhananand says if he cannot prove his words, he will be smeared honey and let ants to bite and kill him. Chandragupta walks towards Dhananand closing fist saying he got evidence. Dhananand’s another brother says he did not leave any evidence in box. Chandragupta says here he got the proof and culprit is caught.

Precap: Chandragupta enacting as king orders to give 10 lashes to culprit/Stulbhadra, stops and says when citizens steal food, it is king’s mistake, so he should be lashed.
Friends chant his name as king. Chanakya notices from a distance.

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