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Bigg Boss 12 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 72
The house wake sup to the song ‘Desi Girl’. They all dance and enjoy.

Somi says to Surbhi that Romil was trying to talk to me, Surbhi says forgive and forget. Somi says I told him to not talk to me. Deepak says I hugged Romil in morning. Surbhi says listen to heart, fulfilling love is difficult. Surbhi says to Somi that Deepak cares for you a lot. Somi says to Deepak that you can talk to me like a friend. Somi says okay.

Romil jokes with Somi and says you will laugh on count of 3.. Somi smiles. Dipika laughs with Somi and says its okay to laugh. Romil thanks Somi for forgiving him, she says no.

The BB Panchayat luxury task is announced. The house is divided into Dipika and Deepak’s teams. Dipika’s team will

have Romil, Megha, Sree. Deepak’s team will have Surbhi, KV, Rohit. The two teams cannot co-exist in the village and have to decide the case of their group getting to remain in the village. Somi and Jasleen, the sarpanch, will hear matters and reject or accept an accusation. The group to have won most hearings will win the task.

Jasleen says to Somi that we will be fair. We will give them tough time.
Dipika says to Sree that we can talk about Deepak behind a girl. Romil says we can talk about KV’s fake greatness. Sree says he is not ready to take risk, we will talk about his wife’s open letter.
Surbhi says to Rohit that we can talk about Sree’s anger. Rohit says Dipika cursed me, Surbhi says talk about Romil’s double face.
Dipika says to Romil that we can say Surbhi is fake. Romil says KV doesnt have mind. Sree says he broke my hand, Dipika says you cant be angry in task. Sree says I will talk what I want to, I hate this show.. I want to go home. Romil says dont be aggressive in task. Sree says KV is ******. Romil says I agree but dont curse. Sree says he doesnt know what he is doing in show. Romil says he will stay till 12th week only. Sree says KV called me *****, saying I have lawyer with me, they are hitting the nerve.

Somi asks Romil to keep a distance from here. Alarm plays. Jasleen and Somi sits to start session. Dipika says I want to allege that Surbhi is fake in show, she plans anger and love in house, she plans out everything and blame others to be fake, she destroys environment of house.
Deepak says I want to allege Romil for being double faced, I want to have a chance to call him. Somi and Jasleen accept Dipika’s allegation and give a chance to Surbhi. Surbhi stands in witness box. Dipika calls witness Romil. Romil says Surbhi is fake, she shared her strategy that she will be wild till 9 weeks and then she will be domestic. Dipika says Surbhi used to call Romil her brother and then she cursed him. Surbhi says if I am fake then Dipika and Sree are fake too. Sree says dont take my name. Somi asks him to calm down, let lawyers talk. Deepak says they made fake person captain? Dipika says only her aggression is real, she told me that I used to point at Dipika and Sree’s relation, so I wanted to reconcile with Romil but I pointed at others relations. Deepak says she called herself fake. Somi says Vikas told her to show her emotions, did Surbhi call herself fake? Surbhi says yes. Sree says she is guilty. Somi and Jasleen discusses. Surbhi asks Romil to atleast have good allegations. Rohit says it is rubbish. KV says you say *****. Romil says I just said sala. KV asks him to not show his character. Surbhi says let sarpanch decide. Somi says point was not clear so we give one point to Dipika. Deepak asks to not be personal. Rohit says Jasleen is listening to Sree only. Jasleen asks to shut up.

Surbhi says to her team that I didnt accept to be fake.
Jasleen says to Somi that its good, we are being fair.
Dipika says to Sree that we cant be aggressive in game.

Rohit says to Somi that you all are in danger zone so take care. Jasleen says dont comment on us, we are sarpanch in task. Rohit kicks Jasleen’s coffee. Jasleen says you deliberately did it? Rohit says I kicked tray. Megha says he deliberately did it. Somi says you are behaving badly. Kv asks him to say sorry. Rohit says sorry. Jasleen says I dont need it. Somi says he doesnt know how to behave. Rohit says you are shameless Jasleen. Rohit asks her to take care of her nominations. Surbhi comes there and says to camera that Romil is my brother but he keeps staring at me, what kind of boy is he? Romil says she is stooping too low, I swear on my son and mother that I was looking at Rohit. Jasleen says she has lost it, dont defend it. Somi says this is insane. Surbhi says last night he said that he would stare at me. Jasleen says this is character assassination. Somi says this is cheap.

KV says to Rohit that say sorry to Somi and Jasleen, do things in task.
Jasleen says people have gone mad. Romil gets emotional and leaves. Somi says they keep going over limit. Rohit comes there and says shouting on me? I am sorry. Jasleen says you were not saying sorry before? Rohit says you asked me which team I am playing for, I am sorry, he leaves. Romil comes there and says I call her sister, she has gone too low.
Rohit says to Surbhi that Romil is saying Surbhi has stooped too low.
Jasleen says to Romil that Surbhi is fake. Romil says I will not look at her anymore. Surbhi comes there and says doggo..
Surbhi says to Somi that he eyes me too much. Surbhi says I call him brother but this is not good, he stares at me too much.
Romil says to Somi that she has questioned siblings relations.

Alarm plays, in session. Deepak alleges Romil for being double faced. Dipika alleges Rohit for his bad behaviour. Sarpanch decide to proceed with Romil’s allegation. Deepak says Romil called Somi weak behind her back but not at her face as a friend. Dipika says it was his opinion so its not a bad thing. Deepak says he thinks Jasleen is dumb and doesnt consider her as a competition, he can say it on her face, its his double faced attitude. Dipika says dont touch me Deepak, Romil doesnt want to hurt anyone, he has always been for his friends. Jasleen asks Romil to clarify. Romil says I never called you dumb, they molded it. Somi asks why he called her weak? Romil says I didnt say that you dont deserve to be in show. Romil asks Deepak if he thinks he is double faced? Deepak says no but you act like that. Jasleen says you have ego to call people weak and dumb? Romil says you can call that ego but not double faced. Deepak says all people talk about others in house. Deepak points at her. Dipika shouts to not touch her. Deepak says its her real face. Sree comes infront of Deepak and asks him to not touch her, she told you once so why you keep touching her? Surbhi says this is fake bahu, she was never worried about it before. Somi says Romil accepted before that he is double faced so Deepak gets a point.

Romil says to Jasleen that you were wrong to give them point. Jasleen says you have ego. Sree says Romil leave them. Jasleen says to Sree that I respect you a lot, Sree says dont talk to me. Jasleen says I know what you are doing.

Session starts again. Dipika alleges Rohit for being rude and passing demeaning comments on people.

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