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1st Epi – Patiala Babes 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: A New Story Mother and Daughter’s Unique Bonding

Patiala Babes 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Gurdwara is shown. Minnie Khurana describes her views about her homehown Patiala, its unique people, then introduces her Biji Shammiji who is busy doing pooja. Daadaji flirts with Daaadi while playing carrom with his friend. Minnie says her daadu is very strict and even Lovely bua/aunty is afraid of him. Lovely comes on terrace to dry clothes, Minnie says she is married but stays in her parent’s house as she loves their locality. Lovely fights with neighbor Rano to dry clothes on terrace. She then introduces her mother/babes/Babita who is busy happily preparing lassi and takes it to terrace. Rano and Lovely stop fighting to enjoy lassi, but start fighting again. Babes solves their fight and goes down to meet cooler mechanic who fools her. Minnie is with her friend Preet taking video

and enjoys watching flying aeroplane, dreaming about flying, describing her dream. Preet asks why don’t she become air hostess. Minnie says she wants to travel. Preet asks if she is ready to leave her Babes alone. Minnie says once her papaji returns. Preet says her papaji is staying in London since 17 years, will he really return. Minnie says her papaji and Babes’ love story is unique, long distance one which is not so easy to follow. Preet says her papaji does not care. Minnie warns to stop, else she will fight with her.

Babes looks at her husband Ashok’s photo and says why he does not care about her and is returning after 5 years. Lovely enters praising Babes and asks her to switch on cooler. Babes switches on cooler and it malfunctions. She panics and asks Lovely to inform her husband Sukhi as Ashok is coming tomorrow. Lovely as usual yells Sukhi is not servant, and Babes does not care about Ashok, etc. Babes runs out to get cooler mechanic. Minnie reaches on her scooty and asks where is she going. Babes says cooler has malfunctioned even after repair in the morning, so she is going to get mechanic. Minnie jokes if she knows to call mechanic. Babes says she has visiting card and asks to get her auto. Minnie takes her on scootie. Mechanic says owner that fool customer came. Owner greets Babes. Babes says cooler malfunctioned again. Owner asks 3000 rs to repair in 3-4 days or to buy new cooler in 5200 rs. Minnie interferes and says he is lying and taking advantage of situation. Babes stops her and says it is urgent as her husband is coming tomorrow. Owner asks mechanic to go immediately and asks 2000 rs advance and 2000 rs after cooler is fixed. Minnie confronts again, but Babes pays owner and drags Minnie out. Minnie says she forgot helmet in shop and walks back in. She then clicks shop’s license and permission papers’ pics and says she will upload in social media about how cheat owner is and then nobody will come to his shop. Owner gets afraid and asks what she wants. She asks to return advance and send mechanic before they reach home. Owner agrees and pays back. Minnie returns to Babes. Babes scolds she cannot take care of belongings and was fighting with shop owner. They reach home and see mechanic already there. Babes gets happy and takes mechanic in. Minnie thinks everyone fools Babes, even family does not spare her.

Lovely gets family photo framed and shows it to Biji. Biji asks why Babita is missing. Lovely says she did not come to picnic as there was no space in car and replaces Babes’ wedding pic with new one. Daadu asks why she is replacing it. Lovely yells it has become old. Daadu warns to stop spilling venom from her mouth. Lovely continues badmouthing about Babes/Babita and says she is having some defect, so Ashok does not stay with her and did not take her to London. Minnie overhears that and confronts, their argument starts. Minnie verbally counterattacks Lovely royally when Babes interferes, makes Minnie apologizes and sends her in. Minnie trying to fix nail for photoframe injures her finger. Babes gets concerned. Minnie asks why papaji does not stay with them and why he does not take them along. Babes says she has to stay here and take care of ailing Daadu and Biji. Mini asks to tell papaji to take them along this time and gets excited thinking of staying in London..

Precap: Lovely speaks to Ashok and informs family that he is coming tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. Ashok directly goes to his girlfriend’s house who asks inform about her to family. Ashok reaches home, Babes serves him tea, and he says he will sleep in living room. His girlfriend over phone says he is doing injustice to both her and Babita/Babes by not informing about them. He says Babita does not know anything.
Babita enters and asks what she does not know.

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