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1st Epi – Ladies Special 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: New Story Line Of 3 Different Women From Different Family Background

Ladies Special 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mumbai’s local train is shown. Voiceover describes uniqueness about Ladies’ special train and 3 special characters and starts story of Meghna Nigade. Meghna’s daughter dances looking at dance show while her paralytic FIL watches sitting on wheelchair. She complains her husband Mandhar that he works even on Sunday and does not take her out. He says it is boss’ order. She suggests to complain about his boss on social media, it will get viral. He says her viral fever will not work. She continues cooking and changes her paralytic FIL’s vest. He shies. She says after a few years, SIL becomes son and DIL becomes daughter, then why he is shying. He says she became his daughter in months itself. She takes his blessings and says only he cares about her in this house

and not others, pointing at husband. Neighbor brings her son Sachin and complains that he hit her son. Meghna solves problem and makes them hug.

Voiceover then describes Prarthana Kashyap’s story saying she is a time bomb and no one knows when she will explode. Her father sings song and asks his wife Rachna to get pakoras. She serves him pakoras. Prarthana getting ready for relative’s wedding get angry seeing her father holding liquor bottle scolds him. Rachna says her son brought it as it is Sunday. Prarthana says Sunday is for one who works. Father says his daughter is looking gorgeous and bride will be mesmerised seeing her. Prarthana says she is 10 years elder than bride and if bride finds out her age, she will call her aunty. Father says she looks young even now. Rachna gives her giftbox saying she packed her diwali gift. Prarthana leaves holding gift box touching parents’ feet. Father says their daughter is hard from outside and soft from inside like coconut.

Voiceover then describes Bindu Dr. Amar Desai’s story who is sweet and innocent. She gets ready to go to wedding. Her husband is busy speaking to patient’s relative, scolding him. After he disconnects call, she requests him to accompany her for wedding in Gujrati style. Amar says he is on standby duty today and may go anytime. She says she forgot doctor and soldiers are born to serve people, asks again to accompany her. He asks if she is not getting late. She picks mehandi cones saying guests ordered them and leaves.

Back to Meghna’s house, she gets ready for wedding while her husband shampoos daughter Swapna’s scalp. Daughter says mamma does better shampooing. Neighbor enters again complaining Swapna lice got spread in her daughter’s scalp which in turn spread into her and her husband’s scalp. Meghna gives her shampoo. Neighbor leaves happily.

Prarthana walks down building. Her younger brother shows his newly bought second hand car. She scolds if he did any wrong job. He says no, he got permanent job now. Parents walk down and congratulate him. He says now their bad days are gone, he will not let did work and will release papa’s album. He insists to drop Prarthana. Rachna says Prarthana is going to other side of city. Brother says once she returns, he will take her on long drive. Seh walks. He takes her promise and says he did not do anything wrong this time and got a legal job, he will not let her work hereon as she worked hard for family. She wiggles his cheeks, smiles, and leaves.

Meghna gets into Ladies’ Special Local train followed by Prarthana and Bindu. Someone pusshes Bindu and her slipper falls down. She throws other slipper also saying someone will benefit from it. She sits next to Bindu and starts her commentary. She helps Prarthana keep her gift box. Prarthana sits on mehandi cone and it breaks down spoiling her sari. She gets angry. Ladies give different suggestions to remove mehandi stains. Prarthana scolds her. Ladies shout that someone stole their purses. Meghna also realizes her purse is stolen and sadly says she lost 5000 rs plus 500 rs gift envelope. They get down train. Bindu buys slipper on the way. They reach wedding venue. Bindu asks Prarthana why is she following her. Meghna enters next. Bindu excitedly says they came in same train sitting on same seat for the same wedding…Her commentary continues.

Precap: Amar confesses Bindu that he married her under family pressure and loves someone else. Prarthana’s old flat owner proposes to marry him. Neighbor informs Meghna that police has come to her house.

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