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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav gets upset

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira going to talk to the principal. They come downstairs. Akhilesh asks did the admission happen. Kartik says sorry Krishna, it didn’t happen. Vansh smiles. Krishna says you are joking, right. Naira says no, its not a joke. Krishna goes. Krish and Vansh hold hands. Kairav thinks sorry mum and dad, you got worried. Krishna falls down and cries. Kairav asks what happened. Krishna says I forgot everything, I lost the chance to go to good school, I will go to temple and sell clip. Kartik and Naira come clapping. Krishna says I failed in admission. Vansh says she is very sad. Kartik says really, tell her to be happy, she got admission in the school, principal Sir saw the interview again and gave her admission, he said the answers were not in English, but she knew it. Naira says admission happened, but you have to go in lower standard. Kairav, Krish and Vansh murmur. Kartik says congratulate her. Kairav says congrats. Krish and Vansh also say congrats. Kartik and Naira smile.

Dadi speaks to pandit. Suwarna says its Akshu’s first dusshehra. Gayu says and Vatsal’s also. Krishna comes and says my admission happened in their school. Dadi says you can’t do the puja any time. Krishna says mum, you keep fast in this festival. Kairav says no, you burn Raavan in this festival. He tells about Ramayan. Everyone smiles.

Kartik says wow, you know everything. Kairav says yes, mum used to say story to me every day. Krish asks why didn’t you tell me. Dadi says there is still time Kirti, you pay attention to kid, if you want to raise the child alone, then learn to fulfill responsibility. Akhilesh asks who will make Raavan statue with me. Kids run to him. Kartik says we will have Ram leela, it will be a try to unite Kirti and Naksh. Naira says good idea. He says we will prepare also. Naira says we are thinking for Ram leela. Naira says happiness will come. Kartik says I will drag and bring the happiness home.

Dadi asks Manish to see his childhood pic when he became Ram. Manish says see Kartik’s childhood pic, when Soumya dressed him up as Ram. She says time passes so soon, you, your son and now your grandson. Kairav brings his phone. Manish asks him to see the pics. Manish says this is your dad. Dadi says this is your Dadu. Kairav says little Dadu and dad. Manish says you thought I was always so young and handsome. Dadi laughs. Manish says I was bit cute in childhood. Kairav says you are very cute. Dadi says I will frame the pic. Kairav says I will become Ram in Ramleela, right. Manish says yes. They say Jai Shri ram. Kairav comes to Vansh and says we will fight with dhanush now, I will become Ram. Vansh asks why can’t I become. Kairav says Manish and Dadi told me that I will become Ram. Gayu sees Vansh and says what did I do, why don’t anyone value Vansh and Vatsal. She goes murmuring. Krish says I m okay with anything. Krishna says I also don’t care for anything. Vansh says then I will become Hanuman, I can do anything for Kairav. Kairav thanks him.

Naira says Kairav wants to wear good clothes always. Kirti stitches the cloth. Naira says girls are given sewing material in marriage, not a scissor, since scissor is used for cutting. Kirti says no one gave us scissor in marriage even then…Naira says our words become a scissor and memories become the thread, Naksh is an expert in doing this, he would have done a lot, right. Kirti asks her to see the dress. Naira thinks how shall I know her feelings for Naksh. Kirti asks Krish’s uniform would be taken from store. Gayu comes and argues. Naira asks what happened. Gayu says partiality between children, it always happens in this house. The kids make the props for Ram leela. Kairav imagines himself as Ram. They have a laugh.

Manish says Naksh has sent us notice, he sent the custody papers. Kartik says we have to end this matter. Manish says he came here to threaten me. Kartik says no, he was angry. Manish says I will see who gets the custody. Naksh says I will take the custody. Bhabhimaa says mum and dad have rights on the child. Naksh says I wanted to explain this to them, they did the same at Naira’s time, they will create same problem, I want Krish to come back. Bhabhimaa sees Devyaani. Manish says I have seen Kirti, she will go if Naksh apologizes. Kartik says please listen to me once. Manish goes. Kartik picks the envelope. He says dad is angry at this time, its my duty to save my sister’s house, how shall I call Naksh.

Kartik calls Naksh. He says a dad has called other dad, you are upset with Kirti, not Krish, why is he getting punished, I called to give you info. Naksh asks what, is Krish upset. Kartik says he may be upset if he sees his dad isn’t there to motivate him, don’t come to Sasural. don’t meet us, just come to see your son’s performance, I missed Kairav’s childhood, I can’t live those moments again, you also can’t get these moments again. Naksh cries. Kartik says its in Krishna ji’s hand now.

Vansh says its fortune cookies, we will get a chit from it. Surekha asks Naira what’s happening. Naira says all the kids have to pick one cookie. She asks Vansh to just pick one cookie, he can eat other cookies kept there. She says you will get chits of your role, you will play that role in Ramleela, every kid will get fair chance, no partiality, no cheating. Dadi asks Naira why didn’t you ask us. Kartik says we don’t want anyone to feel partial treatment. Manish says Kartik doesn’t want to ask us, he does everything by his wish. Krishna gets the chit. Krish says Hanuman and laughs. Vansh says I got Sita. Akhilesh asks Krish what did he get. Krish says I got Ram ji, but I m okay.

Kairav says I don’t want to become Raavan. Kartik asks why, you said he has magical powers. Kairav says but Ram ji is my fav, I want to become Ram, not Raavan, I painted my dhanush also. He goes.

The baby falls. Dadi scolds Krishna. Dadi asks Naira to manage her adopted daughter and explain her to stay well. She hugs the baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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