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Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Gunesh kills evil sindhu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sindhu intimates mayasoor to keep guarding him but gunesh is playing with him showing himself as he is getting disturbed to do meditation & gunesh makes him show his form as he is feeling uneasy without doing meditation while mayasoor asks him what happened & why you stopped meditation but gunesh is still playing with him while sindhu getting wild telling to not to play with me & tends to hit image of gunesh but instead mayasoor shouts him to stop as he was about to hit him.
Sindhu goes out of his palace in his compound while gunesh follows him asking what do you think now are you god & he says so narayan allowed you but gunesh telling him to calm your ego while he says i am god itself & gunesh explains him what you have about yours as all is given to you by gods who has blessed you & also sun god given you light & his boon but he challenges gunesh saying I’ll fight with you & gunesh is showing his form sitting on mayurji as all gods pray gunesh & sindhu is getting images of narayan hitting him but comes out of his dream & shouts gunesh that to show your actual form & gunesh tells him if you have power than watch me & bright light hurts his eyes as he shouts that i’ll kill you.
Gunesh reduces his light form while he is running from him & gunesh following him as he is watching all gods following him like mahadev, narayan, gunesh etc. & suddenly gunesh comes in front of him & he gets shocked.
Gunesh kicks sindhu hard as he falls & thinks about sun god given him drop pot thinking i can’t be killed but gunesh hits his throat by his weapon which makes the pot get released & sindhu dies but before dying he pleads gunesh.
Gunesh taking leave from mata paravati appreciating all the love he got from mata ahilya, rishi gautom, rishi bhutkal & all & he leaves the place making clear from evil sindhu.
Narayan explaining devi laxmi this way the temple was built here on dead place of sindhu naming mayureshwar. Devi laxmi expressing her more excitement to have child now as they pray mayureshwar’s idol & mayureshwar blesses them saying you will get your wish but to start your journey from astavinayak temple where narayan’s blessings are also there.
Devi laxmi asks narayan what temple he was telling about & narayan explains her about siddatek ashtavinayak temple & they both go there & narayan falls into praying for the idol banging bell of temple as devi laxmi feels happy seeing her swami fell into prayers now.
Narayan explaining devi laxmi that this all started with nature’s call wherein he & brahmadev were in meditation but brahmadev came out of it very soon & came to him asking how to search about how we existed in this world & he suggested to be in meditation for prabhu who’ll intimate us & he gets signal from prabhu so both of them go there but brahmadev asks permission from him to let me go first to meet prabhu but he insisted to meet him due to brahmadev being god father.
Narayan goes to meet prabhu doing meditation for long long years but in this two asoors also got birth named madhu & tatav who were getting life’s in them due to his meditation.
Brahmadev watches narayan meditating but also sees both the asoors getting life & will be trying to attack him.
Narayan gets blessings from prabhu granting him ridhi & sidhi around him & seven powers of chakra’s having various powers of gods & goddesses like mahadev, paravati, saraswati, brahmadev etc. & also prabhu tells him that you’ll be known as lord Vishnu in this entire world who’ll bless people with the achieved chakra powers.
Brahmadev praying narayan to come for help as the asoors are trying to go near brahmadev to attack him for eating him which narayan understands.

Precap : Story of ballareshwar ganapati will begin.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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