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True Love Never Dies – Rianshbir (Episode 1)

True Love Never Dies

Episode 1

Morning she was getting ready for work she is very nervous because she is going to interview as Legal adviser for VR Industry she’s simple yet bold she goes to Mandie and lits up Diya before ganapati idol she says after 2 years I’m going to Job Please help me with interview bappa

Girl called her name Ridhu Come Yaara you’re getting late for interview please come fast its Ridhimaa I’m coming She ran through the door and get in to car sejal drove the car through the vr office
Sejal listen please don’t tell kabir that I’m going to attend the interview she will be mad at because former he has asked me to join his company which I have refused so please don’t tell him once I get job I will tell him sejal lost in her thoughts and ask where is kabir ridhu she says he is in his business tour sejal says OK in her mind she says I will never tell kabir that you’re joining VR industry .

VR Company

Angre is checking the list of interview Candidate names he get stuck on one Ridhimaa and he call Sharma send all the candidates home and say them we got our legal adviser he says OK sir

Sejal drops ridhimaa and says all the best ridhu for your interview Ridhimaa smile at her enter the office and doesn’t find anyone there is no one here is interview get over or what Sharma come there and say there is no candidates accept you please get in

Angre in his cabin waiting for her she said may I coming sir he said come please take your seat so you’re here for interview she says yes hi I’m Ridhimaa he I know she ask how do you know me sir I don’t think we are met earlier he says I said I know your name he interviews her and calls Sharma get me the appointment letter of ragini she says sorry sir my name is not ragini my name is ridhimaa he says sorry he say get appointment letter ready for MS ridhimaa she say thank you sir, he say you can join the from tomorrow but you should come to VR Mansion because Mrs Raisinghania & boss meet you there only because they are busy in planning surprise party for dadi she says OK sir thank you while she going she turn back & ask him sir kya hum pehle bhi mil chuke hai he gets a flash back ( girl tying rakhi to his hand) she brings him to the sense he no with filled tears in his eyes

Precap she comes to vr mansion she enter the hall , the flowers falls on her and she gets faint anupriya meet her with overwhelmed.

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