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Shubharambh 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mihir plans bomb blast to stop Rani

Shubharambh 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani coming to Mihir. Rani says thank you for making me love you without a condition and hugs him. Mihir is surprised and reciprocates the hug. It shows that they are still hugging and the place becomes dark, while the light flashes on them. Mihir tells that whatever he has done is to get her, yearned for her for many years and now he will never let her go anywhere. It turns out to be his dream. Rani calls him. He opens his eyes and asks her to say. Rani says you knows well, how much I love Raja. She says if anything had happened to Raja then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. She thanks him. Mihir says one family member thanked me and it is enough. Rani thinks Mihir is crazy, she could celebrate her first karwachauth because of Raja. Hitank asks Asha and Rani to go home and rest. Rani tells that she will break her fast with Raja. They leave. Mihir hears them and says you will celebrate Karwachauth with me. He calls someone and asks them to blast at 8:40 pm. Rani asks Darshana if she saw Raja’s blue jacket. Darshana says no and tells that we will see it. Asha comes there and gives clothes and shringaar stuff to Rani. She asks Rani to get dressed well and go to meet Raja. Darshana gets sad. Asha brings the clothes and shringaar stuff for Darshana. She asks what did you think that I will not bring it for you and tells that you have supported me always. Darshana thanks her. Rani and Darshana hug Asha. She asks them to get ready well and reminds Rani that mahurat to break karwachauth fast is just 10 mins. Darshana says I don’t know if I have mummy and papa’s blessings with me. Rani says I will get them punished after whatever they have done today and asks where are they? Darshana says they might be sleeping. Rani says she won’t let them sleep.

Gunvant wakes up and tells Kirtida that he is feeling tied. Kirtida wakes up and finds them tied and the bed is placed straight. He says who has done this? Rani says I have done this and scares to throw dart on them. They tell that they are innocent and don’t know about the blood. Rani throws the darts around them, one of the dart injures his hand. Rani says until Raja returns, you will be tied in this room. They ask her to open the door, but Rani locks them and leaves.

Later Rani sits on the swing to make garland. She imagines Raja asking her to get ready. Rani says she has so much works. Raja asks her to get ready fast. Rani says she will be ready in 5 mins. Darshana brings another thaali for Mihir as he has kept fast for his wife. She says he couldn’t be with her because of her, so I thought to help him break his fast. Rani thinks Darshana is right and thinks to find out about his wife. She comes to his room and searches for the phone. When she couldn’t get it, she opens his cupboard to know about his wife. She finds the photo frame and thinks this might be Mihir’s wife pic. She is about to turn it, when Mihir comes and holds her hand. He snatches album from her hand. He takes her towards the cupboard and looks at her.

Precap: Asha tells Rani that Raja has sent his photo for her. Rani says I will go to hospital and break my fast. Mihir calls Rani as a mysterious caller and asks her to save Asha as he has sent bomb as gift. He says when she opens it, it will blast. Rani comes running home to stop Asha. Asha opens the box and the bomb blasts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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