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Shakti 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan catches Soham after Heer-Virat’s mehendi

Shakti 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Virat bending down on his knees requesting her to let him apply mehendi on her hand. Heer wears googles and dedicates her performance to Virat. She dances and music is played in background. Virat also dances with her. Everyone smiles. After the performance, Heer gives her hand in his hand and he applies her mehendi. Heer smiles. Harak Singh tells Preeto that Virat has thought of Heer as God and he don’t think that Heer can get such a guy in this world like him. He says I am very happy. Heer tells Virat that even husband’s name is written on the hands with mehendi, but she will get someone else write on her hand. Virat says why with someone else and asks Gurwinder to hold his hand and makes him write his name on her Heer. He closes his eyes. Gurwinder thinks this will be beautiful relation and asks God not to let any problem come.

A tempo comes out. Constable asks what is in this tokri? Servant tells that Sant Baksh has sent fruits, sweets etc for the girl’s family. Soham is standing out and looks at them. Constable says take it inside. They bring the big tokri inside. Harak Singh asks what is it? Sant Baksh says it is small gift for Heer and there is no chance of miserness. Soham gets inside the tempo, throws some mangoes out and gets inside the tokri. The Servants take the tokri inside. Preeto gets emotional seeing Heer and Virat. Gurwinder asks everyone to come infront for matka rasam. All the ladies come inside for the rasam and they pass the matka to one another. Heer is standing in the middle. Gurwinder sprinkles water on heer and asks them to get Heer take bath with this water. Soham thinks he will tell her truth to Heer. Parmeet says we will leave now. Virat says celebration is not yet over. He starts dancing with Heer.

Music plays…..Raavi, Sindhu also dance. Sant Baksh, Harak Singh and others dance too. Rohan dances with Simran. Soham manages to come out of the box and hides behind the curtain. Parmeet says they will go and bring baraat in the afternoon. Gurwinder asks Heer to try the sarees and says she will get it changed. Heer says ok. Gurwinder asks her to come fast as her dewrani. Virat tells Heer that she will become his wife in just one day and is about to leave. Rohan stops Virat and says I need to talk to you. Virat asks him to come. They go to side. Preeto asks Heer to go and freshen up. Heer climbs the stairs. Soham thinks Heer herself to break her marriage.

Sindhu asks Raavi not to wear red saree. Raavi says it is good. Sindhu asks her to wear pink saree. Raavi says I will wear it again so that you can like it. They go from there. Soham comes to Heer’s room and recalls Gurwinder’s words. He sees her sitting on the bed and says you can change saree, but how will you change your identity. He says Heer you are a kinnar and asks didn’t you hear. Rohan is in the saree and hits Soham. Soham falls and switches on the light. Rohan recalls seeing the tokri moving and understands. He confronts Soham and says you had promised to take care of Heer and pluck stars for her, and today you had come to tell her this. Everyone comes there. Soham says didn’t you understand that our sister is a kinnar, whom you are trying to get her married. He says I will tell her truth. Rohan says how you will tell from jail and says today your Veer ji will handle you. He says he has seen the tokris and understood. He says that’s why I asked Virat to take Heer out and asks Raavi and Sindhu maasi to divert your attention. He says we are Heer’s soldiers. Soham is shocked. Rohan brings him down. Harak Singh says it is enough of nautanki and calls Constable. Soham says I will not leave you all. Preeto says we have no enmity with you, whoever comes in Heer’s way, has to move from her way.

Precap: Heer and Virat gets married. Voiceover says what will happen when Heer’s identity will be revealed. Parmeet tells that her bahu can’t be a kinnar and tries to burn her alive.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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