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Shaadi Mubarak 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti gets a surprise

Shaadi Mubarak 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Aryan for one chance. She says we will do as you say, don’t refuse without hearing our idea. KT says that will be uncool, you have shocked us, we have to shock you too. Aryan says okay, cool, I will give you this chance, my cocktail party will be for my friends, they should love it, if its successful, then you will get my marriage contract, else you have to forget it, deal. KT says deal done. Preeti thinks this is the last chance for me, I will win Tarun’s condition.

Kajal, Aastha and Priyanka hug and say we will be going to club. They thank Priyanka for buying the tickets by her first salary. Priyanka says we will not let mum know it. Kusum hears them. She says I m Kusum Kothari, you are planning the night out, its a wrong thing to hide it from parents. Aastha says its not wrong. Priyanka says we took permission from Sumedh and Juhi. Kusum says no one will go anywhere. She sees the tickets and tears it. She asks Priyanka to spend money at right place, don’t ruin it. Priyanka says you don’t care for our heart. Kusum says I know what you do in club, you girls don’t do this, decent family girls don’t do this. Aastha says trust us. Kusum says you were hiding and doing this, I can’t come in your words, I understood that its mistake of age, you have to handle yourselves and not do anything wrong. She goes.

KT gets Preeti to the cafe. She sees the couples. He says don’t be shy, come, its a cafe. She asks why did we come here. He orders the coffee for them. She says we can talk about work in office. He says yes, we won’t get this ambience there. He asks her to see the couples. He says Aryan Mantri want a youthful cocktail party, I got you here to see youth, you will be inspired to get ideas for cocktail party, you came in tension, relax, youngsters won’t trouble, I m youthful like them, I really feel like them, I like their lingo, the words they use, yo bro, what’s up dude, lol, look at my hairstyle, I have spiked it up to look young. He says youngsters take selfie with coffee and then upload it. He says they put hash tags then, its called youth. He sees a guy misbehaving. He gets angry on the guy. The girl says leave him uncle, chill. The couples laugh.

She says he is my boyfriend, I asked him to get the phone from pocket, its not called teasing, I know you won’t understand this, I think you should not judge so much. The guy asks KT to just chill. Preeti laughs. KT says you are getting a laugh. She says uncle, sorry, relax, they are youngsters, they will not trouble you. He gets an idea. He says I will just come. He goes and calls Kusum.

He tells some plan. She says I can do anything for you, but this is tough. He says you are forgetting, you did friendship. She says I will keep it, give me two hours, I will do something. He says you are the best. She says yes, bye. She smiles. She says how will it happen. She goes to her daughters. They see each other. They see the pizza. Kusum asks them to have it. Priyanka asks what happened to you, you were scolding us, you are talking nicely now.

Aastha says yes, you don’t let us go in kitchen without sorry. Kajal says its bribe, she wants to buy us, she wants something from us. Kusum thinks I will never let you enter kitchen. She asks them to have something and stop using their mind. She says you have to do imp work then. They ask what is it, that they have to do it together. Kusum tells them. They laugh and say it will be done. KT and Preeti come home. Preeti says I will see online videos and learn youth culture, right. KT says yes. They enter the house and see the party going on. They get surprised. KT likes the decorations. He says this doesn’t look like your house, come. Preeti says its our house. He says it has become a nightclub, song is nice, come. They see everyone dancing. Sumedh plays the music. KT whistles. Kusum turns and welcomes Preeti. She says we will see the youngsters’ times. Preeti smiles.

Preeti says so you both decided. Juhi says its Kajal, Aastha and Priyanka’s friends. Preeti says we used to get snacks and have fun. Aastha says nachos, beer, we just drink juice, anyone can have anything they like. They dance. Preeti says this song was my fav. Aastha says its our times song. KT says song is same, you have different tune, we had original and this is remix. Kusum says it means party happens the same way. Preeti says its true, we used to dance a lot at friend’s house. Kajal says we also do the same, we dance at club. Everyone dances. KT and Kusum dance. Preeti smiles. Kusum says everything is the same. Preeti says yes, we used to have fun, I feel someone has sent me 20 years back. KT asks what did I say, we have to understand this, youngsters want freedom, they want to be free, like you said, they will also do the same. He explains the difference in times. He says heart is same, the way to please it has changed, if we understand this, then Aryan’s cocktail party will be super hit, I m sure. Preeti smiles.

Aryan says I want item girl Tia in my party. Preeti meets Tia. Tia demands much money. She says one has to make sacrifices to get success.

Update Credit to: Amena

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