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Santoshi Maa 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati’s body starts glowing due to killing of asoor.

Santoshi Maa 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with ushma introducing herself to asoor explaining him about woman having nine powers in herself of whom I am one of the avatar of devi santoshi & now you too show yourself to fight with me as I challenge you & he shows himself introducing that I am also bhasmasoor who had challenged mahadev also so you can’t do anything to me but ushma tells him like mohini avatar of Vishnu & mata durga’s avatar killed evils who were woman so I avatar of mata santoshi will kill you today & prays mata’s to bless her as mahadev tells mata paravati to bless ushma as she has taken your name.
Bhasmasoor attacks her while she defends as polomi tries to help but her guru intimates her to not to react or gods will know squeezing your powers so she calms angrily.
Bhasmasoor again & again is attacking ushma but she hits him with her sword by which his bloods stains fall creating more asoors with his blood & ushma surprised while he laughs telling her how much you keep doing this more & more asoors will get generated & she kills all his asoors & then hitting him with her sword in his stomach & taking his blood in a pot holding in her other hand & he laughs saying now this blood will create more asoors but ushma drinks the blood & makes him die with her fire powers.
All gods & goddesses praise ushma as she calms & leaves while the human gets freed due to bhasmasoor leaving his body.
Devi polomi gets wild to plan but her birds intimate her to not to do anything foolishly & plan properly watching ahead what developments are happening or gods might know you have only killed swati.
Santoshi mata watches swati’s soul going towards swati’s body & they both go near her body as soul enters her body making her eyes open while dev rishi tells mata that swati’s body is glowing & swati says mata but shuts her eyes again & santoshi mata trying to wake her but in vain so mahadev & mata paravati arrive to explain her that it seems if one asoor is killed then might be if all asoors are killed then swati will become better but as of now she is still not in proper state of health.
Ushma understands & informs devi santoshi that if swati’s body is glowing then I’ll definitely kill all the asoors to make her health better so that she can meet her parents & I can complete my job given by you.
Devi polomi says I won’t allow so easily to make devi santoshi’s devotee better & if at all swati becomes better then too I’ll see to it that indresh does not return in her life again.
Indresh completes prayers & offering prasad to all but bubli takes more while ushma arrives & bubli asks her where were you & nidhi taunts saying must have gone to meet her husband or found some new one & indresh scolds her telling to not to utter wrong on this auspicious day.
Indresh asks ushma you had told me swati will become better on astami so today is the day when prayers are finished then tell me how swati is & she tells him still she isn’t completely better but will become more better in some days but indresh forces her I wish to see swati anyhow which is heard by nidhi & comes arrogantly speaking with indresh which makes polomi happy about her devotee’s behavior & pushes her more powers to increase arrogance in her to make indresh be around her while ushma understands polomi has played her trick. Nidhi wildly speaks & warns indresh by going inside the room locking it & saying if you wish swati then I’ll kill myself as indresh follows her knocking door to open.

Precap : Nidhi tied herself with fan warning indresh that if you do not promise me I’ll kill myself hanging on this fan & indresh accepts her asking what promise & she tells him to promise that you’ll complete seven rounds of our marriage to make legal or I’ll kill myself & he promises which makes polomi happy but ushma & mata santoshi worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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