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Santoshi Maa 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Ushma devi catch holds one off goon who discloses his identity as asoor.

Santoshi Maa 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ushma thinking wrong about her guess of goons being asoors while mata santoshi is explaining dev rishi that today I’ll also perform prayers for mahadev & adhishakti which if all swati’s well-wishers, parents as well as indresh & bubli collectively perform the same prayers then this will make swati more better & also help in knowing the truth behind her killing.
Mata santoshi begins prayers & all are also performing prayers for mahadev & mata adhishakti along with indresh & bubli too.
Ushma completes prayers & gives the lighted diya to take blessings of to all goons & as they are taking one by one they are feeling pained by fire but calms & takes while last one gets wild & leaves without taking blessings so ushma gets signal thinking I understood who are you. Other goons are trying to calm everybody diverting their attention saying he gets fits in between so to not to worry as he’ll become calm later.
Mata santoshi thanks mahadev for helping in this as mata paravati smiling on mahadev’s intelligence.
Ushma is following him while mata santoshi indicates her guidance. Ushma tries to stop him saying asoor son & he shockingly asks her who asoor son as I am a simple human & tells her to not to block my path & he is trying to move her hands but he can’t due to ushma’s powers & he gets shocked asking her who are you & ushma asks mata’s permission to use her powers & she allows her as ushma shows her form holding trishul by which the asoor goon is surprised while devi polomi & asoor guru are also shocked. Devi polomi intimates him to make her show her actual truth & he runs away from crowded area towards open field as ushma too is following her & he is warning ushma taking a girl in his clutches that she’ll be killed if you move ahead but ushma tells him I won’t but to leave her & slowly she is moving towards him as ushma holds his hands kicking him & pushing the girl on other side but the girl vanishes & she understands that this was asoors prank while the asoor laughing on her foolishness saying this was prankt by me only. He again runs towards open field & hides behind a tree but ushma warns him today you won’t be spared so to come out wherever you are.
Asoor guru is intimating to remain wherever you are & he sends his security cover for him saying no powers can search you now as asoor goes in front of her saying you are a woman who can’t harm me while ushma is intimated by mata santoshi to immediately pray for fire god & she is praying while mata paravati & mata santoshi also requesting fire god to help ushma.
Fire god helps ushma showing path towards asoor & ushma thanks fire god & uses her actual devi form showing asoor who she is explaining him that I am a woman who gives birth to a child as you too have taken birth from a woman’s stomach itself & if woman comes in her actual fits than she can do whatever is right to do & he is stunned seeing her form. Ushma blocks him within a fire circle warning him today you will be killed.

Precap : Ushma telling him that she is ushma avatar of devi santoshi who will kill you today & the asoor is attacking in his form towards ushma as she is retaliating & injures him with her sword.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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