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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Anant Is Grateful to Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak looks at cake being distributed and thinks earring maybe in anyone’s plate and before it reaches Gehna, she has to get it. Hema asks if she wants to have cake. Kanak drags her along. Gehna serves cake to everyone. Hema asks Kanak in whose plate earring would be. Kanak says they need to find out. Hema says if someone coughs while having cake, it means earing is in their mouth. Urmila coughs while having cake. Hema says then definitely earring stuch in her mouth. Hema hits her back. Urmila spits cherry on Hema. Hema walks away saying instead of earring Urmila spit cherry on her. Kokila asks Urmila why they both are so concerned about her. Urmila says Hema is foodie like her and reminds her of her younger days. Kokila says she started her kalakari even here.

Praful gets a god’s idol gift from his ex-colleague who thanks him for his help till now. Praful accepts gift and asks Gehna to keep it with gifts in car. Anant says Gehna helps their family so much. Jamna says that is why Gehna is like their family member. Anant asks where did he find Gehna. Praful reminisces his posting in Satar gaon where he meet his guest house’s caretaker Jagdish bhai’s daughter; he had denied loan to a goon who came to his house to bribe him, but when he tried to call police, goon attacked him with knife; Jagdish bore the attack and passed away; Gehna was left alone and sad, she used to stay with unknown Gopi kaka who had lost his memory, so worried for her, he brought her home and since then she became part of their life.

Hema and Kanak think they lost their chance again because of cake. Gehna walks to car to keep gift and gets afraid hearing someone coming towards her and thinking he must be Sagar. Anant walks to her and says she does so much for her family. Gehna says this is also her house. Anant says she must be feeling guilty for earring, something similar happened to even him and mistakes happen by human. He gives her cake and leaves. Gehna thinks this family loves her so much and she cannot handle it, she lost earring. She submits cake to ganesh ji and prays him. A rat walks in and eats cake. Gehna says since he couldn’t come, he sent his vehicle Mushak raj. She sees earring in cake, gets happy seeing the mircale, and thanks god.

Kokila sees Gopi tensed and asks reason. Gopi reminisces Gopi Kaka’s warning to dare not come near her, says Jaggi ji’s phone is not reachable. Kokila says she didn’t even have cake yet. Urmila says she is remembering her husband.

Praful thanks Gehna for supporting him as life partner so far. Chetan and Pankaj ask Praful how much money did he get. Praful says he will, let Anant come. Anant walks in and says let us go home and check, leaving Pankaj and Chetan angry. Gehna walks to Kanak and happily informs that she got back her earring in cake. Kanak says she is very careless and has disappointed Kokila, cleans earring with Gehna’s dupatta and asks not to inform anyone that she got it from cake. Gehna then shows earring to Kokila and others. Kokila says she proved her competency and blesses her. She suggests Praful to keep some money from his retirement corpus for Gehna. He agrees, leaving Kanak and Hema fuming in anger. Hema tells Kanak that they tried so much to degrade Gehna, but failed. Kanak says never mind she will do something before reaching home.

Gopi with family returns home and looking at Gopi kaka’s room’s door prays Kanhaji to give her some hint that he was her Ahemji. Kokila asks what happened. Gopi says she was feeling suffocated in party and needs some fresh air. Kokila walks away asking her to return soon. Gopi walks towards Gopi Kaka’s room. Kanak steps on dirt and asks Gehna to remove her sandals as she is feeling backache. Kokila walks to them and asks what is happening. Family joins and Anant asks Kanak what is she asking Gehna to do. Kanak gets nervous.

Precap: Gopi searches Gopi Kaka’s room and asks Gehna since when she knows Gopi kaka. Gehna shows her and Gopi’s pic. Gopi realizes he is Ahem and asks if she met Gopi kaka 5 years ago. Gehna says yes.

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