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#RiAnsh #FanFiction #Ishq Mein Marjawan Part -6 – Planning!!!

Hello my extended family 🙋

Sorry for delay in update. And thanks a lot for loving my work. Here I am up with another part.

As soon as Riddhima is out of Vansh’s sight Vansh have started feeling that he do know her so he is scanning all his memories to remember where he have seen her but to his utter surprise he is not able to remember even a single moment apart from sour one which they share few minutes back and he still drift in thought of Riddhima started driving his car back to his office with his mind on seventh sky still.

Once in office he called Angre and told him to share details of each girl he have been rather to sat meet recently

Vansh: I want all damn details of all the girl with whom I’ve been contact since last one month or so. 😠 (Anger is still in his voice)

Angre: Sir I don’t think so you’ve been in contact with any girl cause in our dance academy opening committee we’ve not included any girl and you’ve not visited any club or another place since then because you want to have all your undivided attention on this event as mentioned by you. 😎 (Angre knows him so well 😆)

Vansh: Interesting very interesting 🤨

Angre: Boss what happened? 🤨

Vansh: I met a girl today at hotel when I went there for lunch but somehow my inner instincts are saying me that I do know her but I am not able to remember how and from where so. 😐

Angre: May be you’ve taken so much stress due to event and later to cover all the drama so may be you’re feeling like that. 🤓

Vansh: Or maybe she is one of the reporter who have been there in press release. 🧐

Angre: Maybe, do you want me to dig more into this? 🧐

Vansh: Yeah. 😎

Angre: Okay I’ll once I get time. 😔

Vansh: Not later do it now give me all the ladies reporters details with picture now. 🧐

Angre: Okay boss. 🤐

And soon Angre started collecting all the details and within hour or so he was in Vansh’s cabin with all details and Vansh check each of them and spoke

Vansh: No one of this are that. 😠

Angre: Sorry but what?

Vansh: Nothing leave it. Go to hotel and check corridor area CCTV footage and find out every damn details of that girl she messed with wrong person instead of being thankful she was lecturing me and advising me she didn’t know that Vansh Raisinghania don’t need advice from anyone apart from his mom. 😠

Angre: And legal team and… 😝

Before he can complete his sentence Vansh looked at him with angry glares and holding his laughter Angre stood there silent.

Vansh: Better you focus on task assigned to you I want every details before today night.  (Vansh want details of Riddhima 😍🥰)

Angre just nodded at him and left from there to complete the task assigned to him.

Back to RidBir.

Soon they reached to Maheswari’s home and Sakshi welcomed RidBir with all ritual and everyone settled in hall. RidBir were stealing each other’s glances which is noticed by almost everyone and soon Siya who was seating next to Riddhima slowly speak

Siya: Di you know one thing. 🤨 (With utter seriousness)

Riddhima: What?🤔 (With full curiousity)

Siya: Do dil mil rahe hai magar chup ke chup ke. 😉 (Winking at already blushing Riddhima to tease her)

Riddhima give a slow slap on her hand and speak

Riddhima: Ssshhh this is not the correct time and place for this all so be quiet. 🤫
(Okay I do love such scene and I actually tease my friends in front of their crush so I need to add this 🙃)

Kabeer who was trying hard to have all undivided attention of Riddhima towards him was not getting any so impatiently he told

Kabeer: Mom can I saw our home to Riddhima?

Everyone present in room having hard time controlling their laughter as all know meaning of it and Siya even give barely audible whistle on that. And Sakshi just nodded at his son and holding Riddhima’s hand Kabeer left from hall.

Seeing them going everyone is happy but Siya’s heart is happy and content to know that her Di now have someone who will be there for her and with her at every phase of life and tear of happiness made their uninvited entry on her face. (Awww 😇😍😍) While Amar was happy that his decision have given his daughter a companion who will take care of her so he no more need to worry for at least one girl of his. (😑🙄🥴)  While Sakshi and Suraj was happy to know that unknowingly their elder have found a wonderful girl for their son. (😇😎😊)

Once in his room Kabeer make Riddhima sit on his bed and settled next to her and taking her hand in his hand he slowly pressed a tender kiss in her hand and moving forward he kissed her cheek and he move towards her lips but with closed eyes but within few seconds instead of feeling her lips he felt some softness so he opened his eyes to find it out only to see Riddhima have kept her hand on her lips and looking at surprised Kabeer she spoke

Riddhima: I am not feeling ready and comfortable yet for… 😔

Cutting her in between Kabeer spoke

Kabeer: Don’t be sorry it’s okay. I can understand and instead I am sorry I was going lil fast I think. 😔

And later they started chit chatting but soon they need to stop it as Sakshi call them and while leaving the room with full affection he kissed her forehead and looking at her he spoke

Kabeer: I like you Riddhima. 😍

Riddhima: Kabeer I think I too started liking you.

Kabeer smiled at her and one more call from Sakshi to come down interrupt their upcoming romantic moments and they leave from his room to hall.

And once they are back Singh’s take leave from Maheswari’s and Kabeer offers to drop them home grabbing opportunity to have Riddhima by his side for more times. 😍

Singh’s Bunglow

Once back to home Ishani and Anupriya settled in Anupriya’s room and very next moment Ishani’s anger went out of control and she spoke

Ishani: Mom why they both always got all the happiness?

Anupriya: Baby, till today we only know that Maheswari’s are not financial stable like us so I throw that Riddhima at their home and I want some prince charming to come and take my darling daughter.

Ishani: Mom Kabeer is no less than Prince Charming actually he is my prince charming and I want him to be mine at any cost even it means to kill Riddhima by my bare hand.

Anupriya: Stop Ish at evey now and then you can’t think of killing either of them we’ll sort this out or may be I’ll find someone better than him for you.

Ishani: I don’t want someone else he is the one whom I want for me why are you not understanding and all in sudden why are you taking Riddhima’s side?

Anupriya: Baby I am not taking her side. I am with you always you know that and fine we’ll do something to get Kabeer for you. As of now let that sisters enjoy it.

Ishani: They should not be happy ever cause of them we’ve suffered so much in childhood they used to live lavishly while we won’t so I won’t let them be happy ever mom.

Anupriya: Don’t worry baby I already have plan. You just need to calm and don’t be impulsive at any point of time and don’t talk about killing anyone okay?

Ishani: Okay, you’re the best mom in the world.

(And she hugged Anupriya)

They heard few people talking in hall so they went to check only to find out Kabeer with Amar, Riddhima and Siya and with wide smile they’re having some conversation and soon taking Amar’s blessing he left from there.

Pheww 🥵 Done with update. Hope you all will like it. Okay one more thing from this update check below:

Teaser: Almost after an hour or so Angre was back in Vansh’s cabin and he told him…. 🤔🤨🤔While on the other hand to utter surprise of Riddhima and Siya Anupriya is not letting Riddhima do any work in kitchen. 🤔🤔🤨

Okay I don’t know how to write teaser I’ll learn as of now just enjoy this and please please please leave comment.🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺 Share with your friends and family. 🙏🙏🙏 One more thing I want to know is do you enjoyed this emoji wali update or you want me to go back to plain one do let me know (I am enjoying this emoji wali) 😊

Last but not least stay happy and safe with family and friends. 😇🙃

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