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Qurbaan Hua 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat takes the gift intended for Naveli

Qurbaan Hua 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baleq mentions that he is going to Delhi after a few days so would try to find out about the parents of Chahat, Viyas jee mentions that this is why he trusts him so much so leaves, Baleq thinks that he would find such clues that Viyas jee would also know that she is not to be trusted and not worthy to form a relation.
Baleq comes to Naveli inquiring what does she desire from Delhi, Naveli mentions that she got angry when Godambari talked about their marriage, Baleq exclaims that it was because he got to know of it suddenly but who else would he marry if not her, he exclaims that he knows what she desires so she would get her gift tomorrow but she should also inform him what she desires from Delhi. Naveli decides to prepare a draft of belongings which she would seek from Delhi.
Viyas jee performs the pooja, Godambari exclaims that she would bow the seeds, Viyas jee says that since it is the first function of Chahat she should be the one, Neil explains that she is taking care of kripa so Godambari should be allowed but Viyas jee mentions that it would not take a long time meanwhile he would take care of Kripa.
Chahat agrees that she would perform the ritual so takes the thali from Naveli before heading out, Neil is also worried that Chahat would not be able to do it.
Ghazala thinks that Neil has threatened her but she would also fight with him and give him a befitting response.
Ghazala asks the driver where Dr Baig is, he explains that he is praying, Ghazala exclaims that she is sure who he is praying for.
Chahat is sitting in a state of confusion not knowing what to do because if she performed the ritual then it might be rendered religiously void, Godambari comes asking if she knows how to bow the seeds saying that she would witness her perform it, but Neil comes saying that he forgot to fertilize the seeds, he asks Chahat to sit with her back towards Godamabari, he fulfils the ritual then also puts some dirt on the hands of Chahat who inquires what he is doing, he mentions that he did this so that Godambari feels she is the one to bow the seeds, Chahat takes the thali asking Viyas jee to place it at the Mandir because her hands are dirt, Viyas jee is placing it so Chahat thinks that she would make a dress for Kripa with her own hands and not buy it from the market.
Ghazala says to Dr Baig that he should know that the daughter for whom he is praying has sided with the enemies.
Chahat sitting in the room, thinks that Viyas jee would be really happy when he comes to know that she has prepared the dish by her own hands, she hurts her hand so calls her father whom she knows would be worried for her safety.
Mr Baig after his prayer, prays that Allah protect Chahat from any troubles which she has in her knife, Ghazala exclaims that he should not waste his prayers on Chahat as she has sided with the enemies. Chahat sees the chocolate then exclaims that Viyas jee remembered what she said and so brought the chocolates for her. She mentions that this means he also makes her remember her biological father.
Naveli gets a message from Baleq who says that the gift which he brought for her is in the hall and she can take it, Chahat also gets a message from Neil who says that he has brought a gift for her which she can take from the hall, Chahat and Naveli both take the wrong gifts, Chahat is shocked to see what Neil has brought for her, he also gets a message where he asks her if she is looking nice in the dress.s has done, then she tries to think of what she can do when Godamabari is constantly calling her, she turns to Saraswati asking what can she do as if she was with her then would be a source of guidance.
Godambari says that Chahat ran from the work when she called her, Neil asks her to not be worried as he has done everything, Godamabari exclaims that she should have also helped him, Neil exclaims that she is busy in making clothes for Kripa.
Viyas jee orders Neil to call Chahat who comes without wearing the clothes which he gifted her, Neil inquires why he did not wear those clothes, Chahat mentions that it was because she could not wear such clothes.
Viyas jee asks her to show him the dress which she made for kripa as she is really anxious, Chahat shows him but Viyas jee gets angry so Chahat asks if he did not like it, Viyas jee says that he really liked it and she should get ready as she would perform the pooja. Chahat is left in a state of flux because she cannot perform the pooja as it would ruin the religious sentiments of both of them.

Precap: Chahat exclaims that he thought she would wear such clothes, Neil exclaims that he was stupid to know that she would wear such clothes, he starts hitting himself, Chahat inquires why is he acting childish at which Neil says that he know she has no regard for his feelings, she mentions that she cares for his feelings, he orders her to wear those clothes then when she comes out he is shocked to see her in such clothes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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