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Mere Sai 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Government agrees to setup a temporary court in Shirdi

Mere Sai 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai tells Ganpat ji he got tired for no reason. I was going to go back to Dwarkamai. He introduces Ganpat ji to Bhola. His mother is not well. She had to be given udi with a special kind of fruit. I came here to get some. He gives the basket to Bhola and turns to Ganpat ji. I am ready to be arrested. Ganpat ji requests for his forgiveness. I was a fool not to realise who you are. Those who take care of others even when they are in trouble can be an emblem of God only. God calls himself a man of God. Ganpat ji apologizes to the villagers for his actions. Appa Kote says Baiza said that this is Sai’s leela. It might benefit someone. Ganpat ji says I dint even think that I will be the first one in the line. Kulkarni Sarkar scolds Ganpat ji for not doing his duty. You take salary from the government but you have become this culprit’s disciple now. Ganpat ji refuses to believe it that Sai would have done something wrong. Kulkarni Sarkar calls him wrong. You are forgetting your responsibilities. I will complain against you as well as against Sai to English Government. He walks away in a huff.

Sai tells Ganpat ji to arrest him if he wants. I don’t want you to risk your job because of me. Ganpat ji politely declines. Sai blesses him. Villagers fold their hands in gratitude. Om Sai plays.

Vasundhara thanks Sai for helping them. Veenu asks his mother to ask Sai to call Baba. He gets a little hyper but Vasundhara calms him down. Veenu’s Baba will come. Kunda asks her Aayi till when will this continue. Vasundhara says I am waiting for Ganpat ji’s return. I will go to Shirdi myself if he wont bring good news for us. I will beg Sai to give statement in my husband’s favour then.

Ganpat ji is having a meal with Sai at Dwarkamai. Baizama tells Sai she understood why he asked her to cook this meal. You wanted to keep me occupied. Ganpat ji apologizes to her for not understanding her. Baizama says learning Sai is a journey in itself. I am indebted to you as you dint arrest Sai. Ganpat ji says how I could arrest him when he made me see Dattatre. Sai tells Ganpat ji to eat now. Ganpat ji says I would like to alert you that the situation is serious. How will you make the court see Sai’s truth? I may go back empty handed but my officials can send someone else. He requests Sai to come to court with him once. You only have to give a statement. Sai says why worry when Ram ji is the driving force. Enjoy your meal. Ganpat ji nods. Sai gets serious suddenly.

Vasundhara tries to feed apple to Veenu but he keeps asking about his Baba. She tells him to be healthy till he is home. He will scold me otherwise. He cries and throws the plate away. Vasundhara scolds him for throwing food when they have nothing at home. He starts coughing. She apologizes for scolding him. She prays to Sai while Kunda pours water for her brother.

Sai starts coughing badly in Dwarkamai. Tatya brings water but Sai gestures Baizama to wait. He calms down. I am fine, Baizama.

Veenu becomes better as well. Kunda and Vasundhara fold their hands at Sai’s photo.

Baizama says someone was thinking of you. Sai says let’s not talk about my arrest or cough right now.

Appa Kote helps Ganpat ji clean his hands. He tells Appa that Sai doesn’t understand the criticality of the situation. Only Chandorkar ji can help us now.

Appa says Sai nothing can affect Sai. Srikanth ji says we must stop Sai from getting arrested. Keshav is sure his Baba wont let the matter cool off till the time some action is taken against Sai. Ganpat ji asks Chandorkar ji to do something. Chandorkar ji advises him to return to Dhule and explain the situation to the government. Ask them to settle a temporary court here itself to conduct the hearing. Hearing can happen here in Shirdi instead of Dhule. Sai wont have to go anywhere and we will have ample people who will give statement in Sai’s favour. Tatya says entire Shirdi will do that then. Chandorkar ji says Magistrate will make the final decision. Srikanth says Sai sometimes speaks in riddles. It is important to understand Sai to understand his meaning. Chandorkar ji says we will request Sai to be direct then. Ganpat ji says we must discuss this with Sai asap. I will leave for Dhule afterwards. They all head to Dwarkamai.

Santa and Banta tell Kulkarni Sarkar that Ganpat ji’s suggestion has been accepted. Magistrate will come to Shirdi to setup a temporary court here. Kulkarni Sarkar fumes. Why is that Fakir given so much important? They will setup a temporary court here!

Constable informs Vasundhara’s husband that the hearing will happen in Shirdi now. You will be face to face with Sai there and you will be set free if you are proved innocent. Vasundhara’s husband gets tensed.

Vasundhara is surprised to hear about the hearing. Kunda says it means Baba will take more time now. Vasundhara nods. Veenu panics but Vasundhara keeps giving him reassurances to calm him down. She feeds him water. Kunda says his condition is worsening since Baba has left. Vasundhara says what I will do on my own. Show us some way, Sai. Veenu walks up to Sai’s photo and demands to send his Baba back. Vasundhara tells Sai Veenu’s condition is beyond their control now. We will come to Shirdi. You must settle this matter once and for all now. Veenu gets excited about going to Shirdi and hugs his mother. Kunda asks her mother how they will go to Shirdi. We don’t have money. Vasundhara says I don’t know how that will happen. I will see if someone can help.

Keshav and Tatya are with Sai at Dwarkamai. Sai asks for a blanket. Tatya gives it to him. Tatya and Keshav notice Sai in thoughts. Sai wraps the blanket around himself as he closes his eyes peacefully. Keshav says I have never seen Sai being bothered by any season. What happened now?

Vasundhara is walking around sadly. No one agreed to help her financially. How will I go to Shirdi? I have heard that someone comes to Shirdi only when Sai wants. Maybe he does not want me to come to Shirdi. She hears someone calling out to her and turns. She notices a man holding a blanket over his face. He asks for water. She says I don’t have it but there is a place nearby from which I will bring it for you. Sai looks at the small mug intently and drinks water from it. He returns the empty mug to her. She feels the mug heavy and looks inside. She is stunned to see coins inside. They weren’t there when I was filling the mug. She looks back but the guy has disappeared. She notices udi on the ground where the guy was standing earlier and realises that it was Sai. She cries with happiness as he puts some udi on her forehead. Om Sai plays. Thank you, Sai. I have understood what you want.

Tatya and Keshav go outside to finish some work. Sai smiles broadly as he opens his eyes and removes the blanket.

Precap: The temporary court is setup in Shirdi. Vasundhara reaches there with her husband and kids. Veenu hugs Sai. Sai tells Veenu his Baba will be with him today.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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