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Love after arrange marriage Ep-7- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-7- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Replies to the comments from last episode ..,

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  • Diha- Thanks for the wishes by the way , you are commenting at 3:47 am ….Thanks again for watching my ff and also liking it…

Episode starts with..,

Vansh comes inside the mansion , he rings Riddhima and says,”Where are you ?? You told some surprise is there .” Riddhima says,”Come to my room.” “Your room??It’s not yours its of mine also” ,says Vansh . Riddhima says,”Huh!! Come to our room then, now fine.” “Yeah” said Vansh . He goes to the room and find it decorated . Then his eyes goes on Riddhima , she’s looking stunning. His eyes doesn’t move from there . Riddhima asks,”What??” Vansh nods no. Riddhima says,”How is my surprise??” Vansh says,”Very good, but is there anything special today??” Riddhima says,”Is it needs to be special to give my husband a surprise?” Vansh says,”How you thought of it??” Riddhima says,”Leave it! We will talk about it later on.” She makes Vansh sit on the table and turns off the lights . Vansh asks ,”Why you turned the lights off?” Riddhima says,”In candle-light dinner, who keeps the lights on ?” Vansh says,”Ok, so its a candle-light dinner.” They both enjoy eating . Then, Riddhima plays a song and asks Vansh to dance with . They both dance together. Riddhima asks,”Now, tell me how was my surprise?” Vansh says,”I am impressed but wouldn’t stop questioning.” Riddhima and Vansh laughs. Vansh says,”Now, I am serious , how did you thought of giving me surprise ?” Riddhima answers,”First promise me , you won’t scold me for this.” Vansh says,”Are you a small kid ?? They do promises.” Riddhima again asks for promise . Vansh says,”Ok Ok promise.”  Riddhima speaks,”When you left for the meeting, I thought that I shall roam in the house , then I entered  a room ,  there I saw my many pictures , I was happy that you kept our memories with you. So , I also thought you to make you happy.” Vansh thinks,”Thank God! She didn’t saw the diary.” Riddhima says,”Also, I saw one diary..” Vansh says,”Did you opened it.” “No, just saw its cover on it , it was written Riddhima- My Love” , she says . Vansh says,”Damn it!!” He leaves . Riddhima shies and thinks,”He didn’t wanted that I shall know about it .” She goes to convince him to talk with her. She says,”Sorry , I wouldn’t knowing that you will get hurt.” Vansh says,”Go from here, please !” Riddhima says .”No, and if you didn’t go with me , then…” “Then what??” says Vansh. Riddhima says,”Then, I will inject you with this (holding injection).” Vansh says,”You know naa, I am scared of it , Keep it away!” Vansh runs , Riddhima follows him . She catches him and makes him sit . They both look at each other . Other members of house enters . Daadi coughs and says,”Someone,give us water.” Riddhima goes to daadi and gives her water . Riddhima and Vansh asks about their trip . Daadi says,”All well, but how did you spent you half day.” Vansh says,”I had a meeting.” Siya says,”Oh!! Sorry  bhaiya , we spoiled your meeting.” Everyone laughs . Vansh leaves in anger . Doorbell rings. Riddhima goes to see and sees some girl  there .Riddhima  asks,”Who are you? The girl says,”Who are you??” Daadi says,”Riddhima, she’s my 4th grand-daughter , Ishani and Ishani , she’s Riddhima , Vansh’s wife .” Ishani says,”Oh! Ok.” Ishani calls Vansh . Vansh comes down and says,”Ishani , why did you came here?” Anupriya says,”This is how you talk to our sister?” Ishani says,”Bhaiya, I completed my study , so came here . Also, you married but..” Vansh says,”Keep quiet!” Vansh holds Riddhima and takes to the room . Riddhima asks,”Why did you took me here??” Vansh says,”I wanted to tell you something ,at first , my marriage was fixed with Ishani’s friend , but then I know she’s dating someone other , so I broke the marriage .Also, I am angry from Ishani because she told me that if I wouldn’t marry her friend , she would kill me, I talked to mom and dad , and sended her abroad to study there, I request you that please don’t talk to Ishani , she would feel bad.” Riddhima says,”Ok”

Precap: Ishani’s very angry, she tries to kill Riddhima but Vansh saves her . 

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