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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 5: Total Confusion!!

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The episode starts as….

When Vansh comes back to Riddhima he doesn’t find her. He wonders where’s she gone. He turns back and see’s Riddhima with a boy. And that’s Aryan. Flashback shows when Vansh had gone to answer the call and Riddhima was waiting for him to return, Aryan saw Riddhima and called her. She went towards Aryan. Flashback ends. Vansh watches them together and leaves thinking now she would go with her friend. Riddhima tells Aryan about the goons and her saviour. Aryan says, “ Thank God Riddhu, you are fine. By the way what’s the name of your saviour? I feel we should repay him with something. Cause not everyone risks their lives to save someone.” Riddhima answers, “ I asked him his name but when he was about to answer, he got a call and he went to answer that. And later you called me and I came here. So I couldn’t know his name. I hope I get another chance to meet him and Thank him.” After this Aryan first drops Riddhima home and leaves for his house.

Vansh reaches home and goes to his room. Sia comes to his room and notices him smiling and asks him, “ Vansh Bhai, what happened?” And suddenly she notices the blood on the handkerchief. She rushes to get the first aid kit and dresses the wound and questions, “Bhai! What happened? How did you get hurt? You got hurt and are smiling. Is everything okay? ” Vansh narrates the incident to Sia. Sia tells him, “Bhai, you are the best. I hope that girl is safe. You proved it Bhai that there’s humanity left. I am happy that you are my brother.” Vansh smiles. Sia leaves from there. Vansh goes to bed. He recalls his incidents with Riddhima as he falls asleep.

Next morning, Riddhima wakes up at 09:00 am. She goes to freshen up and when she comes back she finds the watch on her dressing table. She remembers that when Vansh got a call and he turned, the watch fell down and she had picked it up. Sejal calls her for breakfast. Riddhima goes out. Sejal asks her, “Where did you go last night? I woke up to have water but couldn’t see you.” Riddhima tells her about last night and adds, “That guy who saved me was much better than your Mr. Vansh Raisinghania.” Sejal answers, “Ofcourse, I agree with you. That guy saved you I am happy whereas Vansh was speaking politely. These are two different scenarios. I don’t think there’s any need to compare them.” Riddhima was about to answer when there’s a knock at the door. She goes to open the door. There’s Aryan standing. He walks in and goes near the dining table and says, “ Y’all are not going to cook lunch today at home. We are going out for lunch. The treat is a from me. I cracked a big deal today.” Riddhima and Sejal smile and agree with him.

In VR mansion; Ishani says, “I don’t wanna have food at home today. I want to go out for lunch.” Sia says,“But it was just yesterday that we came from out, past one week we were eating outside food only. Let’s take some more time, we’ll go some other day.” But Ishani disagrees and says,“I would neither have breakfast nor lunch.” Vansh eavesdrops their conversation. And enters in. He acts as if he didn’t hear anything and says, “ I am too bored to eat food at home. Let’s have it outside. We will try something new today. Let the servants have rest for a day.” Ishani gets happy hearing this and leaves to dress after breakfast. Sia understands that Vansh heard their conversation but doesn’t bother to react to him. Sia too leaves and Vansh informs about the lunch plan to Kabir, Angre and Uma.

It’s 12:30pm; The Raisinghania family leaves their house to go out for lunch. Sia, Ishani and Uma walk in. Angre, Vansh and Kabir are together.

Surprisingly, Aryan, Sejal and Riddhima are also entering the same restaurant. Sejal spots Vansh and Angre near the restaurant entrance and says, “Riddhima, Aryan y’all didn’t see Vansh Raisinghania, right? See there near the entrance. Vansh is standing with his manager.” She points towards them. Just when Riddhima and Aryan were about to look, Angre left to make a call. Riddhima notices Kabir and Vansh together and whispers to Aryan, “The guy who saved me is Vansh Raisinghania’s manager. How can such a soft hearted person work for such a cruel one? I wonder how much Vansh tortures him. I feel to again go and slap Vansh Raisinghania for that day.” Aryan asks her to calm down as Sejal would hear them. And because of Riddhima, Aryan too misunderstands Kabir to be Vansh. Kabir and Vansh walk in. Aryan, Sejal and Riddhima follow them. Both the groups are sitting at different corners in the restaurant. They have their lunch. Aryan pays the cheque and asks Riddhima and Sejal to sit in the car as he would use the washroom and be back. Sejal moves ahead answering a call as Riddhima watches Vansh (according to her is a manager). Vansh too looks at Riddhima and recalls their first meet. She decides to go towards him to return his watch and thank him for last night. She walks towards him while Vansh too moves his steps near to Riddhima. Just then Kabir comes near Vansh and distracts him. Riddhima gets awkward watching him and moves away. Kabir leaves and Vansh searches for Riddhima. He follows her. She goes near Aryan’s car. She’s about to sit when Aryan comes crying from behind. He hugs her. Vansh watches them together and leaves from there thinking they are a couple. Riddhima asks Aryan the reason for crying. Aryan replies that he seen Ishani hugging a guy and that guy is Vansh’s manager. Riddhima is shocked. She thinks about her moments with Vansh. She consoles Aryan saying,“ Maybe it could be just a friend or a relative. Don’t overthink.” While talking Riddhima’s voice is also low but she tries that it shouldn’t affect Aryan. Sejal comes back. Riddhima and Aryan act normal. They drive home silently. Aryan decides to stay with them cause if he goes home his mom would ask him the reason for his sadness.

The Raisinghania’s too return home. Ishani rushes to her room. Vansh follows her and notices that she’s upset and asks the reason. She says, “Bhai, few days back I seen a guy and liked him instantly. He’s just perfect. I seen him today at the same restaurant. I decided to follow him and break the ice but I seen him a hugging a girl.” She continues crying as Vansh recalls Riddhima with Aryan. He makes Ishani sleep and sings a lullaby for her. She falls asleep. Vansh goes to his room and recalls Riddhima again.

Precap:Suddenly there’s knock at the door and Uma goes to open it. As soon as she opens the door some goons get inside and held her at gunpoint. They forcefully take her with them.

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