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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu and Beni pretend to be rich infront of Jindal

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Happu and Beni pretend to be rich infront of their friend Jindal. Happu asks Beni what happened to that 500 cr case. Beni says I forgot to tell you, I had won it and 500 cr is credited to your account. Happu says he forgot to ask him. Beni tells that last time Happu transferred crores in his account. Jindal asks how did you earn it? happu says I am commissioner now and tells that he has line of people who bribes him. Jindal asks beni to fight case of 10 crores. Happu tells that beni has no time to fight 10 cr case, but Beni takes up the case. happu slaps Beni and asks him to handle 250 cr case first. Beni gives drink to Jindal. Kids tell Rajjo that atleast Jindal uncle should have brought chocolate for us. Rajjo says she was in kitchen since morning. Chamchi says she is tired of lying as she is not habitual. Rajjo says she is Inspector’s wife and will get gift from Jindal. The kids ask Rajjo to ask him to bring gifts according to their liking. Malaika hears them. Rajjo asks the kids to talk about gifts and then she will ask. Kat hugs Rajjo. Chamchi says she will ask something for Malaika also.

Happu and Jindal come home from beni’s house. Beni also comes there. Happu tells that he is relieved now. Jindal kisses on his cheeks and says how did you earn so much money? Happu says it is just an act, I don’t have that much money. Beni says he has nothing rather than kids. He says Happu doesn’t have 1000 rs at the end of month. Jindal laughs. Happu asks do you check my pocket. Beni says yes. Happu kisses him.

Jindal tells that he used to call them to make them jealous, but today he is jealous and burning. Beni asks are you giving me 10 crore case. Happu says you will not fight the case. Jindal tries to hit Happu and he falls down hurting his leg. Doctor comes there and checks Jindal. He says he can’t walk for 2-3 days and needs rest for 15 days. Rajjo says I can’t walk then. Happu asks if there is any injection to make him fine fast. Beni asks if we shall sprinkle wine on his injury to make him fine. Happu says it is a bad idea. Jindal gains consciousness. Rajjo asks him to go home and says he will be fine. Happu says I will drop you to airport tomorrow. Doctor says he can’t travel for 2-3 days and asks Rajjo to keep Santoshi Maa fast. Jindal says it seems your house ration is written for 2- 3 days, if you have no objection then I will stay here.

Kat says we shall not act to be rich. Malaika says once my mouth opens up, I will give statement against them. Rajjo says I can’t cook for him more. Happu says how can I ask him to go. Chamchi asks for money. Ranbir says your friend has not given us any gift. Happu says rich people gives gift while going. He says we shall bear him for the day. Rajjo asks do you know how much money will be spent. Happu says I will get money anyhow. Kat asks him to ask him to go in plane. Hritik says I thought he will give us lakhs, but he didn’t give us even 25 paise.

Chamchi says I didn’t know what is happening in her neighborhood. Rajjo says I can’t do any more acting. Malaika thinks they have given up so early. Happu says don’t spread the raita. Kat asks him to send him. Happu promises that he will send him in 2-3 days and asks them to handle. Rajjo says ok. Happu asks Kat to ask Kamlesh to get ready. Kat says he is ready. Malaika makes an upset face and thinks Kamlesh is also doing acting. Kat asks what to wear tomorrow?

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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