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Hamariwali Good News 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka learns Navya’s infertility problem

Hamariwali Good News 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Navya liking the baby clothes. Adi asks her to stop it. She says Renuka is so talented, our baby will wear your and Preeti’s childhood clothes, its so cute. He asks her to take medicines. She doesn’t listen. He shouts, stop this madness, you are dragging this lie. She says let me go. He says lie will not become truth. She asks what are you saying. He says listen to me. She says I need rest in pregnancy. He says shut up, are you lying to me or yourself. She says there is no problem. He says you are not pregnant, we have to accept it. She asks what are you saying, you are hurting me. He says listen to me. He slaps her.

Renuka is at the door. She looks on shocked. He says you have seen the reports, the result has come, we can never become parents. Jag soona soona….plays… Adi says we will never get a child, try to understand it. Navya cries. Renuka looks on and cries. Adi consoles Navya. They cry. Navya gets angry. Adi stops her. Renuka goes. Navya says its my mistake, I m getting punished, I was a fool to plan it, now we can never get a child, my dreams got shattered, we will never have a baby. He cries. Renuka goes thinking Adi’s words. She sits crying. Adi asks Navya to see herself in the mirror. He says tell me who do you see. She says we two. He says we are together, you are not alone, its not a race, we have always solved problems together, come on, you can’t give up, we should take a second opinion, we will not lose, we will find out the truth, we will not tell mummy, maybe we give the good news to mummy, lets keep hope. He explains her and makes her promise. He says we will go to doctor in the morning, just smile.

Its morning, Adi and Navya meet the doctor. Doctor says Navya can’t conceive, but there is not just one way to conceive, medical science has many options. She gives them a IVF brochure. She says you are lucky that this doctor is coming to Agra tomorrow. Adi says we want an appointment. Doctor says you got it, its confirmed. Navya and Adi thank her. Doctor asks their details. Adi and Navya happily leave. Navya asks will this option work. Adi says yes, my ex boss Naresh’s baby was through IVF only, be positive now. She says we will tell mummy ji. He says yes, don’t lose this smile. She plays with a kid on the way. Dil hai chota sa….plays….

They come home. Mukund says I know you are tired, but there is something imp, come. She asks him what is it. He says you are the sensible one in this house, I will bring jalebi in evening. She says with Rabdi. He says fine if you say, you are there to take care of me. She says I m your second daughter. He says Jiji gave me a big responsibility, a groom’s family is coming to see Anchal in this house, will you manage it. She nods. Adi says Sanjay is already divorced, he isn’t the right guy for Anchal. Renuka asks what will you tell Sumitra, she is happy that she got a lottery, Sanjay made his wife leave, she is infertile, he left her for this reason. He asks what, is this the reason.

Mukund says just you can do this, just check, don’t run too much. Navya says I will manage. Mukund jokes on Renuka. He says don’t tell anything to Renuka. Renuka asks Adi about Navya, she isn’t pregnant, right. She says she can never get pregnant. Adi asks how do you know. She says I know, I was here last night and heard it, I came to show this photo. She sits crying. She says what do I have in my fate, Mukund doesn’t talk to me well, I felt baby will come and I will live with him, I had died a bit last night. Adi cries. She asks for whom shall I live now. She says I m scared of Sumitra. He asks what. She says don’t you know, we do everything on her orders, she doesn’t leave a chance to taunt, she just taunts me and Navya. He asks what does it matter. She says if Sumitra knows this, it will be a storm, she may trouble Navya. Adi asks what. She says I don’t know what will she do with Navya, Mukund will also get against. Adi asks will she kill Navya. Renuka says she will break your marriage, she will separate you both, she liked Sanjay, because he has divorced his infertile wife, I m scared that she will do it for you also, your dad won’t do anything.

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