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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s Emotional Outburst

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaba collapses. Sayi says his BP is high. Viraat asks constables to lift him and take him to doctor soon. At Samrat’s home, Panditji performs pooja and informs Badimaa that Samrat and Patralekha should stay away from each other for next 24 hours. Samrat feels sad hearing that. Badimaa agrees and walks away with Panditji to discuss something. Family taunts Samrat. Ashwini says Patralekha will stay in Samrat’s room. Mohit says Samrat with stay with him, Ninad, and Omkar and they all will party whole night.

Doctor checks Aaba and informs that his BP shot up and he needs to be on medicines. Aaba says he cannot. Sayi scolds him and says he should take medicine as he never takes care of himself. Aaba says she is his mother and not daughter. Sayi says his BP shot up due to dehydration. Doctor says Sayi knows a lot. Aaba says her dream is to become a doctor. Virat walks in ordering constables to search Jagtap. Sayi yells that if he had not taken leave and forgot his duty, Aaba’s health would have been fine. Aaba asks her to behave with Virat. Sayi walks away. Aaba apologizes Virat and says Sayi is a kid. Virat asks if he informed Sayi that he approved his VRS. Aaba says not yet as he doesn’t want to retire before ending Vithal and Jagtap’s terror in Gadchiroli. Virat says he has sent his team to find and arrest Jagtap. Pakhi calls him, and he excuses himself away. Pakhi cries loudly.

Samrat enjoys liquor with Mohit, Ninad, and Omkar. They all 3 taunt Samrat. Samrat says Pakhi must be feeling alone, so he will go and check. Ninad reminds him that he cannot be with Pakhi for 24 hours. Samrat gets tensed. Ninad laughs and says for armymen there is nothing like abshagun, so he can go. Samrat says he will just check her and return. Pakhi over phone tells Virat that she was feeling alone, so she called her best friend. He says she did right. She asks him who is Sayi. He says she is his trainer Kamal Joshi’s daughter, a goon had kidnapped her and wanted to marry her forcefully, so he went and saved her. Pakhi asks if only he had to save her. He says that area comes under his jurisdiction and asks why did she call him at this time, where is Samrat. Pakhi informs him about abshagun and panditji’s suggestion. Virat says Samrat will keep her happy. She says she cannot love only one person in life and she feels like shouting that she loves Virat and cannot stay without him. Samrat enters and stands shattered hearing that.

Precap: Pakhi over phone asks Virat if he knows Sayi so well. Virat says they will speak tomorrow as he is tired. He turns and sees Sayi standing. Samrat confronts Pakhi that she and Virat kept him in dark and betrayed him.

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