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Falling In Love Again @Riansh #2 The Same Girl

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Here goes the second part…


As the trio (Sejal, Riddhima and Vansh) finish their meeting, Sejal says, “So! That’s it. Now we’ll go to the location and thank you very much for your time.” And, then turning to Riddhima, she says, “Hey Ridz, I’m going and calling the cab while you pay the bill and come” To this, an irritated Riddhima says, “ It’s Riddhima! My name is the only thing that makes my parents connected to me. Don’t spoil it!” Sejal angrily replies, “YA RIGHT!! The parents whom you have never seen and the same idiot parents who didn’t care for such a loving daughter whom they left at the doorstep of an orphanage with nothing except a note saying that you have to be named Riddhima.” Riddhima trying to calm her down says, “Sejal, we are not going to talk about this now. We are in a restaurant and I think you have a cab to call and I have a bill to pay. So, let’s not fight on something that can’t be won.” Meanwhile, Vansh, whose presence they had seemingly forgotten, was a bit surprised that Riddhima did not have parents. But quickly overcoming his surprise, he went behind Riddhima who was going towards  the reception to pay the bill. He pulled her aside, behind a pillar where no one could see or hear them.


Vansh: SHHH!! Softly!!!

Riddhima: Why? Who’s listening to us?

Vansh: It’s Sia! Look there! At the table behind the one we were sitting.

Riddhima: OH MY GOD!! That’s your sister? She can’t be! That’s OUR Sia! Mine and Sejal’s friend!

Vansh: But she’s my sister!

Riddhima: OH GOD!! This means…

Vansh & Riddhima (Together): We both are talking about the SAME Sia!!!

As they face each other, they’re heads clash.

Riddhima: Do it once again. They say if you don’t clash your heads again–

Vansh: –then you grow horns on your head. I know, Daadi used to say when we were small and I never believed her. Then one day she stuck a fake horn on my head. I was small and I got scared… She always played pranks like that. In fact, she still does. Sometimes, it feels that she is the child, not us. Haha!! 

Realising that he had been speaking about his grandmother to someone who never had a grandmother, he apologises. They clash their heads again and share an eyelock…

Riddhima: Umm… Well… We have to find out why she has hidden that she’s your sister and… um…

Vansh: Ya… Um… I’ll make sure she comes to tomorrow’s party and she’ll have to face you… um.. You both… So, let’s exchange numbers so we can interact.

So they exchange mobile numbers and move on to do their work…


At VR Mansion

Vansh is sitting in his room and thinking about the day’s events when he spots Sia going to her room. He goes to meet her and asks her if she is going to go somewhere that night. Sia recalls listening to Vansh and Riddhima’s conversation at the hotel and denies.

Vansh: Cool then!  We’ll have a Siblings’ night. Call Ishani and Aryan and tell them about it.

Sia: Bhai! Bhai! I’m not feeling very well. I’m tired. I want to sleep today.

Vansh: Do you want me to sleep with you tonight?

Sia: NO! I mean it’s fine! I’ll call Ishani to sleep with me.

Vansh goes towards his room and wonders if Sia will go for the sleepover or not. Meanwhile, Sia thinks of a way to go for the sleepover.

Just then, Ishani comes in and  says, “What’s up Sis!? You seem a bit off. Is it your secret friends again?” Sia narrates what all happened (the surprise party, her sleepover, etc.) and says, “Now I don’t know what to do! Shall I tell them the truth? What if they get angry at me for hiding it? What if they stop talking to me!? But first of all, I need a solution for this sleepover… I really want to go!”

Ishani: Chill out Di! Why fear when Ishani is here! I have a solution… Just wait and watch!


At Vansh’s farmhouse

Sejal: Mr.Vansh sent Sia’s pic to you, right? I need it for the cake and ask for more pictures. Pictures is the only thing left otherwise everything is ready.

Riddhima: Why don’t you go to the supermarket and buy some snacks for the sleepover… I’ll do whatever’s left.

Sejal feels something is wrong but then shrugs it off and goes to their house while Riddhima calls Vansh…

Riddhima: I can’t keep Sejal in the dark more… She’s my best friend.

Vansh: You haven’t told her about your breakup either… What’s the problem with this?

Riddhima: That’s different!

Vansh: How so?

Riddhima: Sejal is my best friend… She’ll get worried if she knows about my emotional condition which will affect our work which will make her sadder… And, I don’t want her to be sad so I’ll tell her tomorrow after Sia tells us about why she hid her identity from us.

Vansh: I get it… you love her and can’t see her sad. But you have to hold it till tomorrow. It’s for her own good… Won’t she be hurt if she knows that Sia, being her best friend, hid this from her?

Just then, Sejal comes back to take her purse and asks her whom she is talking to. Riddhima says it’s Kabir and then on the phone…

Riddhima: Okay, love you! Bye!

Vansh: WHAT!!!?? What are you saying!!? Are you mad!?

Riddhima: No, dear. I’m busy. Sejal and I are at the client’s farmhouse and Sejal is just leaving for the supermarket and then, we’re gonna have a girls’ night. So, I don’t have any free time today. How about tomorrow? Let’s meet tomorrow? At our usual place? The kids’ park near the city orphanage? Is that okay?

Vansh: OH! I’m sorry, I should’ve understood. Do you want me to meet you at that park tomorrow?

Riddhima: Ya! How about a morning walk at 6 am?

Vansh: Okay done! Tomorrow morning at 6 am at the children’s park near the City Orphanage.

Riddhima: Okay! Bye, Love!

Vansh: Bye Riddhima!

And both of them hang up the phone laughing.


At VR Mansion

After dinner, Uma (Vansh, Siya, Ishani and Aryan’s mother) asks everyone to finish their work fast and come to the living room by 8:30 pm for some family time. Sia and Ishani say that they have some work and they won’t be able to come down. Since this wasn’t the first time they had asked for a girls’ time, nobody asked them anything.

Sia and Ishani enter Siya’s room. Ishani opens the window and gives Sia her Activa’s keys.

Ishani: Jump!

Sia: What are you saying!?

Ishani: Jump and go!

Sia: But…

Ishani: But what?

Sia: What if bhai comes to check?

Ishani: I’ll handle it! Go!!

Sia: Are you sure?

Ishani: Do you trust me?

Sia: With my life!

Ishani: Then trust me with this and GOOOO!!

Sia: Okay-Okay I’m going but take care, okay?

Ishani: YAA!! GOO!!

Sia: Okay! Bye!

Ishani: GO! Bye!

Sia leaves and Ishani locks the door of that room and sits on the bed.


At Riddhima and Sejal’s house.

Sejal, Riddhima and Sia are sitting on the bed watching a romantic horror movie on the TV when Riddhima’s phone rings. Before anyone else can see whose call it is, Riddhima picks the phone up and mouths ‘It’s Kabir’ and goes into the kitchen.

Riddhima: What is it, Vansh?

Vansh: Is Sia there? She declined, right? I shani and she are in her room having girls’ night.

Riddhima: Hold on! Hold on! Sia is here! She can’t be at home. She’s here. Check it once.

Vansh: What are you saying!? She’s in her room!

Riddhima: Did you see her in her room?

Vansh: No, but-

Riddhima: -Then how can you say that she’s there?

Vansh: But she said-

Riddhima: She said so what?

Vansh: LET ME SPEAK! I went to check in her room but Ishani said that she’s in the washroom.

Riddhima is about to speak but Sia comes there and snatches phone and speaks to Vansh thinking that he’s Kabir.

Sia: I get it that you love her very much and can’t sleep without hearing her voice but we’re having a girls’ night here. So you sleep and let us continue.

Riddhima takes the phone back and says…

Riddhima: Okay Love, tomorrow 6 am in the morning at the kids’ park.

Vansh: Oh! So my sister sneaks out of the house at night! Anyways, Bye!

Riddhima: Ya! I love you too! Bye!

They go back to the room and Sia says to them, “I need to tell you both something…”

Riddhima thinks “So she’s finally confessing. Thank God!”

Sejal: What is it, Siya?

Sia: Guys… I haven’t told you something about me… I thought you both would behave differently with me… Please forgive after you know this… You both know my name is Sia… But my full name is…

Riddhima: Sia Pradeep Raisinghania

Both Sia and Sejal are shocked.

Sia: How do you know!!??

Sejal: WHAT!!??

Riddhima: Vansh saw you listening to us at Skyline.

Sejal’s eyes widened in surprise.

Sia: Oh! I thought you both would act differently if you come to know of my economic status… and by the time I realized that you won’t, it was too late. I was caught in a web of lies and didn’t have the courage to tell you but then I thought that it would be better to tell everything to you myself rather than you finding out about it from somewhere else… I’m so sorry… I should’ve told you.

Sejal (hitting her with a pillow): That you should have!!

They start pillow fighting and then lie down when tired. Suddenly Sia speaks up in a serious tone…

Sia: But I noticed a very interesting thing! Riddhima and Bhai look sooo good together!! Wish she wasn’t dating that jerk! Also, Bhai and you are already on a first name basis!

Riddhima: SHUT UP!!!

And Sejal and Sia start laughing madly.

Riddhima: Even I need to tell you both something…

Sejal: What!? Don’t tell me you found your jerk parents!

Riddhima: I’m serious! Kabir broke up with me.

Sejal & Sia (together): I KNEW IT!!!!



Sejal: WHAT A STUPID MAN!! He left YOU?

Sia: Really! Who would break up with such a loving girl!!

Riddhima: SHUT UP!!!!!! He loved someone else and something happened and they were separated and he couldn’t love me so he confessed! And even Sia confessed today! Not a big deal!!

Sejal: But this is different! He broke your heart! He knew you loved him!

Riddhima: It’s OKAY guys! Let’s sleep.


Riddhima and Sejal are ready and find Sia sleeping. They wake her up.

Riddhima: you already know that we have planned your party so come on, get ready!

Sia: Okay. You guys go, I’ll get ready and come to the farmhouse.

Sejal: Okay, but come soon.

Riddhima and Sejal leave for the farmhouse.

At the farmhouse

Noone has reached the farmhouse yet so Riddhima calls Vansh.

Vansh: You’re looking gorgeous in the white gown.

Riddhima (turning to see Vansh): Even you are looking handsome in the white tuxedo.

Vansh and Riddhima cut the phone. Riddhima pinches Vansh and says, “Same Pinch!!”

Vansh: OWW! Children do that! Are you a kid?

Riddhima: Everyone should be a child at heart. Children have all the good qualities that adults lack.

Vansh: Very true. Anyways, the rest of the family is coming with Sia from the main gate.

Riddhima: What!? How!? She was at our place.

Vansh: She told me everything. Look! There she comes. My angel sister!

Sejal and Riddhima are shocked to see Sia coming with Vansh’s family. 

Sejal: How did you go home!?

Sia: I left after you both left.

Sia introduces her friends to her family.

They celebrate her birthday.

Vansh: Is the morning walk plan still on!?

Riddhima: If you wish.

Vansh: It’s surprising for me but I do enjoy your company very much.

Riddhima: Let’s shift the time to 8 am. I’ll be sleeping late today so…

Vansh: Okay, done.

Precap: Vansh and Riddhima are kissing a child when he bends and they accidentally kiss each other. Kabir fumes seeing them.

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