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Excuse Me Madam 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam hides Madam’s blouse

Excuse Me Madam 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sanam comes to the office and sees madam entering there in style. She enters the lift with Sanam and another man. The man tries to flirt with her so Sanam asks him to get lost. Sanam and Madam go in the lift. Madam says I can drop you home today as I don’t have anywhere to go. Sanam says you request so sweetly. Madam says excuse me? I am just helping so you request for it. Sanam says will you drop me near home? She says that’s better.

Kranti talks to Bhaisa and says you look sad? Bhaisa is dreaming about Mishti and thinks she can’t understand my pain. Kranti asks if he is missing papa? He thinks I am missing Mishti. Amar comes there and says you are stitching Sanam’s shirt buttons? Why? Kranti says it’s just a button that I will doubt my husband over it. It can be your husband’s shirt also. Amar says if the husband’s shirt button is breaking then he must have started cheating. Addu comes there and asks what he should make for dinner? Amar says I saw you flirting with the laundry girl, you asked her if you can give her something else? What else you wanted to give her? Addu says clothes. Amar says I am keeping an eye, I am not emotional like Kranti so I won’t spare you if I catch you red-handed. Addu controls his anger and leaves. Kranti asks Amar to not doubt him so much. Amar says you trust your husband too much. Keep your husband always on the edge. Kranti says you say rubbish things. Amar says Sanam hasn’t come till now, he might be with a girl and romancing, she leaves while Kranti is in thoughts.

Madam is dropping Sanam home. She is calling her designer and asks him to send the correct pictures. Sanam laughs at her and says I brought bangles for you. She thanks him and wears it. Sanam sings with her but it turns out to his dream. Madam sees him dancing in his seat and asks if he is going crazy? Sanam behaves. He gets Kranti’s call and tells her he is on the way. Madam’s eye twitches and she acts like Sanam’s driver. Kranti asks if it’s a girl? Sanam says it’s a guy but acts like a girl. Kranti ends the call.

Sanam talks to Madam like a driver. Sanam pinches her. Madam tells Sanam that I have to go to my tailor now so we have to separate our paths now. She comes to the shop and sees it’s closed. Sanam says I am here. Madam says you can stitch my blouse? He says no, I mean I can bring your blouse to the tailor tomorrow, I go from this path. Madam says okay and gives him her blouse. Sanam blushes and takes it. She opens the door and asks him to go home. He gets out so she drives away. Sanam puts her blouse in his bag and goes home.

Scene 2
Addu asks Sanam that there should be a limit to doubting. My wife keeps doubting me as she thinks I was flirting with the laundry girl. Sanam says you should be careful.

Kranti is cleaning the kitchen so Amar helps her and says I miss doing household things. Kranti says as Addu manages all that. Amar says father wanted me to become an officer. Kranti is putting Sanam’s bag away so Amar asks her to avail of this chance and check his bag. Kranti says never, I don’t need to.

Madam calls Sanam and says you have my item. I am just a little drunk. She says you have my blouse. Sanam jokes with her as she is drunk. They argue if the blouse is a guy or girl. Sanam says I have your blouse and will give it to the tailor, he ends the call. Sanam says madam’s blouse is in my bag, she asked me to give it to the tailor. They both come in the house and see the bag on the table. Sanam is about to take the bag but Kranti and Amar come there. Kranti asks Sanam if he is drunk? Addu says we drank a little bit more. Amar glares at Addu and takes him from there.

Sanam is sleeping with Kranti. He wakes up and silently goes to check the bag but Kranti wakes up.

PRECAP – Sanam tells Madam that I have given your blouse to your tailor. Later, he comes dressed as a tailor and says I am his elder brother. Madam asks him to take her measurements, his hand’s shiver as he tries to take her br*ast size.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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