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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Villagers invite Sarvagya Maharaj to Satara for puja

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bhima throws the pebbles on the floor to distract Ganga. I think that they will keep rolling when they are thrown but they do stop somewhere for one or other reason. Life is just like these pebbles. Nothing lasts forever. That’s how this world has been created. Jija ji told me not to change ever. I failed in taking care of my sister. I cannot share your pain but I can be with you during this painful time. I am trying that only. She looks at him emotionally and picks up the pebbles. Sakpal family looks on.

Bala gives milk to Dhruv. Dhruv tells him to go to Bombay in his place. Bala denies. I will come when I will take down this wall of discrimination by my talent. Dhruv asks him if he is still upset with him. Bala denies. I was irked for being born in this community but Bhima and Baba explained it well to me. I feel proud of it now. Go to Bombay and tell me stories about Bombay. Dhruv shares that there is sea in Bombay. I wish that we play next to it one day. Anand says I will dance.

Pundit ji tells Dhansukhlal to ask everyone to come together and protest against Ram ji. We must create situations and threaten people that we will oust them from our caste if they wont take part in it. Mangesh likes the idea. People from our community can live without food but not without community. Pundit ji tells them a plan (in mute).

One villager announces that now they must apologize to God for their sins. We must establish our dharma once again and do puja. Seth ji has asked everyone to assemble at his place if they are well. We will discuss how to put an end to God’s wrath. Only people from upper community will be allowed there. Bhima asks his Baba what they are saying. Ram ji says they do drama in the name of dharma whenever they feel threatened. I wonder what they will do now.

Seth ji addresses those who have gathered at his place. We are positive that you cannot be swayed by anyone. Kulkarni says why you need someone when our own people are doing that already. Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal to focus on the task in front of him. Why talk to people who talk against their own dharma and religion? Dhansukhlal continues his pep talk. We must protect our society and community. Some truths will prove out to be stronger than truth but that’s when we must be more alert. Kulkarni says you mean whatever Ram ji and his family did was a lie. You mean it was a sham? He tells the audience to look at Dhansukhlal and themselves. You will realise what’s right and wrong on your own! Mangesh signals a guy who throws stone at Kulkarni. Mangesh encourages everyone to beat him to death. They all attack him immediately. Dhansukhlal tells Pundit ji he did the right thing. Pundit ji compliments them. It proves that we are together in this. Dhansukhlal asks them to pick a flower each and vow to be successful in whatever they set their heart too. Mangesh gives them flowers. Ram ji watches them from far and is confused as to what’s happening.

Bhimbai asks her husband what he found out. Ram ji says they were standing very close and were speaking very slowly. Don’t know what they are up to now. Bhimbai says let them be. Hope that it wont be a problem for us. He asks about the kids. She shares that she distracted them with some work to keep them away from Dhansukhlal and his men.

Dhansukhlal shares that they have invited a Sarvagya Maharaj to Satara tomorrow. He will do our purification. We will promise him that we are willing to go to any extent to walk on his path. We are willing to die and kill for our community. Everyone echoes his words. Dhansukhlal tells everyone to spread word to their neighbours. We will gather tomorrow for puja. We must punish the guilty and kill them if necessary! Villagers drop a wounded Kulkarni outside his house. His mother panics seeing his condition.

Ram ji advises his family to take precautions. Plague isn’t over yet. Bhima and Anand are ready to go to school but Puranjan advises them to stay at home today. Sarvagya Maharaj has been called to conduct a puja here. Ram ji recognizes Sarvagya Maharaj. Puranjan says villagers have beaten Kulkarni already. Sakpal family is taken aback. Dhruv shares that he has heard it too. Villagers have decided to come together and punish their culprits. Puranjan seconds him. They know that government wont be able to do anything to them now as they have become a crowd. Ram ji says they have thought well about it. Puranjan nods. Kulkarni was their first target. You (Ram ji) will be the next target. Don’t ask me why as you know the answer already.

Dhruv goes to his home and packs his stuff. Bala asks him what he is doing. Dhruv says Puranjan Kaka was right about Ram ji. I will be the reason for it. Sarvagya Maharaj will be told about me before anything else. He will instigate people and you all will be attacked. It will be better to go back to Bombay. Bhima calls it normal. Dhruv reasons that they only need an excuse. I am that excuse. Anything can happen. Bala says people are still coming back from Bombay. The condition isn’t good there. Dhruv insists that he will be fine. You have saved me already. Bhima says nothing will change with you leaving. Dhruv denies. They have been maintaining a distance till now but they wont now. I will leave town. I wont tell Baba about this. You can tell him the truth once I am gone. I wont budge from my decision. Bhima is against it but Bala decides to accompany Dhruv till the station. He tells Bhima to tell Aayi about Dhruv once the train leaves. Bhima and Dhruv tell each other to take care and hug. They bid adieu to each other. Dhruv tells Bhima to go or Kaki will come out now. Bala goes with Dhruv. Bhima thinks that Dhruv has made such a big sacrifice for their safety. I wont forget this ever.

Precap: Bala comes in the way of Sarvagya Maharaj’s way. He orders the villagers to beat him after finding out about his caste. Someone hits Bala with a stick on his head. He falls down on the ground. They cover him with a cloth so Sarvagya Maharaj wont have to touch him. He walks over Bala as he heads his way.

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