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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan meets Sophie

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shravan coming home and going to his room. Jhumri tries to stop him. He enters the room and sees a girl drying up her hair. He goes out. She smiles. Jhumri says that’s why I was stopping you. Suman says I told Beena to do anything than selling the house. Kanchan says she can’t keep anyone as PG. Suman asks who is this girl. Kanchan says she would be Shravan’s friend, or any PG, forget it, we will talk to Beena and stop Shravan’s entry. Suman thinks the girl looks comfortable there, who is she. Shravan meets Sophie.

She falls in his arms. He says sorry, I came to my room. She says it was your room, I should say sorry, thanks for handling me. She introduces herself. They get friendly. Sophie says I like your house. He asks her to come and have coffee. They go out. Kanchan says Suman and I will give the rent to you, don’t get Shravan here. Ramesh jokes. Beena says you both didn’t care for house expenses before, you can still give the money, Shravan will stay here for Veer’s sake. Suman says we are fighting case against him. Beena says you are fighting the case, he will stay here, that’s it. Shravan and Sophie have a talk. She asks about his GF. He recalls Suman. He says nothing.

He says your name also starts with S, like Shravan, like Sophie, I get a headache hearing about love. She says I m also the same, some guys are so cheesy that they just jump to marry after few dates, I m happy to find a cool guy. Suman comes out of her house and sees them together. Shravan says what timing, welcome to Bhopal. Sophie laughs. Shravan sees Suman and makes her jealous.

Sophie says that’s your neighbor, right. She waves to Suman. Suman goes. Sophie says that’s rude. He says I have to shift there, because you will plan your friend’s marriage here, I have sold my house, I will be staying at Suman’s house now. She says you will keep meeting, right. He says yes, sure, I will pack my stuff and leave, tell me if you need anything. She says sure. He says Jhumri will stay here. Jhumri asks shall I come with you to other house. He says you can go later, stay here till her friend’s marriage. He goes. Sophie smiles.

Shravan and Bunty come to Suman’s house. Beena asks them to come. She asks Dumroo to shift Shravan’s luggage to the room. Veer meets Shravan. Shravan asks why aren’t you resting. Kanchan taunts Shravan. She says don’t keep any expectations from Suman and me. Beena stops her. She asks Shravan and Bunty to take rest. She goes to get food. Kanchan and Bunty argue. She goes. He asks why did Kanchan change, leave from here, I will call the hotel. Shravan says no, I will stay here. Bunty says fine, I will leave then. He goes. Shravan sees the room. Suman calls everyone. She says my patient Colonel Arora’s operation was successful, Colonel has praised me a lot. She gives the sweets. Veer says Shravan has come, the day is best. She says I will not let the ambience spoil. She hears a girl’s voice and goes to see. She sees Shravan with Sophie.

Shravan praises Sophie and angers Suman. Suman drives angrily and chews gum. Vikram asks where is your friend. Vikram is shocked to see Sophie.

Update Credit to: Amena

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