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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti claims David as his father

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari calls David papa, Tiwari gets a call from Angoori, Amaji tells him not to tell her about all this right now, Angoori asks him did he have food, Tiwari says yes did you, Angoori says later, and you know i had a dream that you are son of neither Juman lal nor Pandit Rampal, but Brian Lara, Tiwari says stop dreaming nonsense bye now. Amaji asks what did she say, Tiwari says she dreamt thta Brian Lara is my father, David asks Amaji when did this happen.

Helan puts a dinner spread, Vibhu says firstly we have no money why this now, Helan says David is guest here so to impress him and get some money, Vibhu says why will he, his son is Tiwari is, and i will not let the money go so easily. Helan calls David to have lunch. David starts talking about Tiwari, Vibhu says if he comes here i will leave, David says go then, i have my son now, Helan says get lost then, why are you here if we are no one to you, Helan and David argue. Tiwari rushes in with Amaji and hugs him and says dont worry we will cook same dish for you and have bigger house, and in this house you have no respect let’s leave.

Vibhu gets ice cream for Helan and himself, Vibhu says mom property and money is very big deal and so everything is fair in love and war and this is money, Helan says i am not understanding, Vibhu says cmon, dont you remember when you added sleeping pills in Grandpas milk and then named all property on you and then sent him to old age home and now we need to repeat the history or else Tiwari will take away all our wealth, lets add sleeping pills in David uncles coffee and then we will take hus thumb prints and all will be sorted. Helan says i have better idea.

David in Tiwari’s balcony, Amaji walks to him and asks do you remember anything, David says not really, do you, Amaji says just that i was waiting for Juman lals letter and it was raining heavily, David says the weather was different that day and i was stamping letter, Amaji says was my letter there too, David says yes, Amaji says yes Juman lal said that he always wrote letter to me, David says yes he did but I tore them because i was in love with you.

Boys at tea stall, Tilu says i am liking this job and i am thinking that i will start my own lab soon, Teeka says good idea, Vibhu walks to them and asks dont you have any work, Malkan says cant you see we are working, Vibhu says anyways i have work for you guys.
Teeka says we can’t do this its illegal, Vibhu says its just a little thing, Vibhu says but benefit is big, if you do my work i will pay you 5 lakh each Boys agree.

Vibhu walks to David and calls him daddy and says I love you, David says i am your uncle, Vibhus says DNA report says you are my father. Amaji asks him to shh off. Vibhu leaves.

Master is troubled by kids calling him papa, Master annoyed and frustrated, Boys and Prem make fun of him, Master says i have done nothing. Master runs away.

Pre cap : David juggling between his two sons Vibhuti and Tiwari

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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