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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajeshwari sends a lawyer for Ramo

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Veer stops his car and sees Rani on the road. Her hand is bruised. Veer gets out of his car. He holds her hand. rani says yes? He says medicine. She says I don’t need your favor. He says what do you want? Infection? She says I don’t want hospital. We can take care of our selves. He says yeah I can see that. She says I have laip. He says what? Rani says I make laip on this portable stove. She makes a paste from herbs and says see the paste is ready. He says what did you make? This is masala, you will apply it on your bruise? She says we were livnig on this before white people came here. Rani applies it. Her hand burns. Veer says if your experiments are done let me drop you. Rani stops the bus. Veer says let me drop you. She says we can go, it makes us stronger. Let’s go. They sit in the rickshaw and leave.

Pinku says Veer has such a good heart. His family is weird. We could go in this car. Rani says are you made of wax that you would melt in sun? He says I don’t want to burn in sun. He says see that kid is having gola? Rani says wow here we are talking about hard work and you’re into that gola.

Rani stops the the lawyer. She says let’s go in and get babu ji’s papers ready for his bail. He says who are you? I don’t know any babu ji. Rani says I came to you. Arun told you about me. You took my bangle as well. He says I am not a jeweler. The lawyer says what is this drama. The constable says go from here or I will lock you in jail as well. A lawyer Chaudhary comes in and says in which crime will you arrest her? That you were misbehaving with a girl on duty? Inspector says sorry sir. This girl has created drama here since so many days.

He says I am Ajay Chaudhary, I will take Ramo’s case. She says what? Why? He says talk on call. It’s Rajeshwari. She says the lawyer in front of you in the most expensive one in this city he will fight Ramo’s case. Rani says but we don’t have money. Rajeshwari says he’s our oldest servent. It can damage our image as well. Nothing is more important. He was under our favor and he served us. Another favor on him. But don’t worry. I will take it back on time. Rani cries and says thank you. You have done so much for us. What can we do for you? Rajeshwari says come back by 5. I have to talk about your job. Rani is shocked.

Rani runs in to Ramo. He says why are you here? I asked you to go back. She says I will never leave you alone here. You will go with me to sit on the shop, He says go back. Rani says don’t be mad at me. You look old here. Rani says how can I leave you alone here? Here is your new lawyer. Ramo says Chaudhary sahab? He says Ranisa asked me to get you out. I will get bail papers ready. Rani says Ranisa sent him. Ramo says I don’t want you to get involved in all this. This city is a jungle. Please go from here. Rani says you made me Rani, you made me brave now you’re asking me to leave. I can’t leave you alone here. He says you go back, I made a mistake, I will pay for it. Rani says I don’t know the reason behind why you say this but I know I will find out the truth. Until then I won’t go anywhere. You said you don’t the lawyer? Rani sa is helping you and you’re saying no. He says she’s nice but don’t get in big people’s mess. Rani says I will do a job. He says you won’t do labor. Rani says you must have told Rani sa about my diploma. She must have job in one of her offices. I will have an office uniform and sit in my office. Ramo says but.. Rani says enough. Trust me, I need your trust to keep me going. I won’t forget my dreams. I will complete my dreams. I will take you to your shop. I will do everything but after taking you from here. What’s going in your heart. He says Rani sa.. Chaudhary comes. Ramo says go there. Rani says I will come back. I will bring my time. Rani says in heart I have to find out what is he hiding.

Scene 2
Pinku says you didn’t tell me Rani sa got you a job. She says it’s my lottery. She must have a good job with me. I will show her my diploma. Rajeshwari says where is she Kumud? I don’t like people who are late. Rani says she will give me a good office job.

Precap-Rajeshwari says this is your uniform. What Ramo was is yours. Rani says there must be some place in your office. Rajeshwari says Ramo’s place is empty. You will join his place.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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