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Aatma Bandhan 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru unable to harm Chaitra due to protective amulet

Aatma Bandhan 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The amulet flies up and fells down in Chaitra’s neck. Maatangi was elated. A glass of window break and terrifies Maatangi. Maatangi thanks God and tells Chaitra not to lose this amulet at any cost. Maatangi prays to God for help in protecting Chaitra.
Rani calls Maatangi and shouts at her to hurry up. Maatangi runs into her room. Rani throws a dress on Maatangi and orders her to iron her saree. Maatangi thinks she will bear any misbehavior for this family. Maatangi turns the plug of iron.
Vayda and Indra had returned. Maatangi leaves the iron and turns it off.

Indra tells everyone that they went to Aashram. Guru ji says not performing Astiya VIsarjan on 11th day was their biggest mistake. Now, he adviced to do it on 21st day. Guru ji must be here anytime. They will do Shraddh tomorrow. The door of Aarti’s room flung open, and the chair rocks. Indra tells Ashok to do the aarti for Cheeru with Aarti. Aarti thinks what if Cheeru terrifies Chaitra.
Chaitra was in her room. She senses someone was present behind her, but her amulet was powerful enough.

Vayda says Guru ji is going to tell them a shocking thing. Indra says Guru ji believes there is someone creating a hurdle in Cheeru’s Shraddh in the house. Aarti thinks if Guru ji knows about it she might lose Cheeru forever.

Chaitra asks Cheeru if it is him? The objects in her room were being thrown.

Aarti decides to go to Chaitra. In the room, Chaitra was terrified and says she did not do anything wrong. She requests him not to trouble her. Aarti comes to the room. Chaitra says Cheeru came here but he only terrified her. He was unable to harm her. Aarti says maybe he felt love for her. Maatangi stood in the door. She says Cheeru was afraid of the amulet in Chaitra’s neck, and could not hurt Chaitra. Aarti spots the amulet. Maatangi says until the amulet is there, the ghost can not harm Chaitra.

Aarti comes to the room. All at once, she was pulled back and the chair rocks. Aarti goes to check behind the flying curtains. Cheeru cried aloud. Aarti was upset and tries to spot him. A doll moves on the table. Cheeru says Aarti broke the promise. She is afraid that he will do something wrong. Everyone and Aarti want to send him away. Guru ji is invited in the house today. He requests Aarti not to let him go, he wants to live with her. Then why Aarti is inviting Guru ji. He will hurt him if here. Cheeru’s soul leaves the doll. Aarti says she is helpless in front of family, but they must let Guru ji come here. Cheeru demands another promise from Aarti and asks her to swear to the doll. He tells Aarti to pull off the amulet from Chaitra’s neck. Aarti backs off. She asks what the amulet does to him. Cheeru says the amulet burns him and is blinding him. Aarti tells Cheeru not to go near Chaitra. She was confused that the amulet is for protection of Chaitra, and here Cheeru demands so. Aarti promises to remove the amulet, but then he must promise to never trouble Chaitra again.

Chaitra was sitting in her room. Aarti comes to the room. Chaitra was happy to see her but then sits there still. Aarti was concerned if Chaitra is upset because she scolds her. Chaitra requests Aarti to stay with her. Aarti speaks to Chaitra that she must learn everything to do on her own. She is school going right now, but then she will go to high school, university and then marry. Chaitra will get multiple tasks to perform without Aarti in life. Aarti mentions that Chaitra applied powder on one cheek and did not apply it on the other. Aarti tells Chaitra to close her eyes and cautiously pulls the amulet off. Maatangi came there. She silently joins her hands in front of Aarti. Aarti leaves. Chaitra asks if she can now open the eyes. She was upset that Maatangi stood in front of her. She asks Chaitra to get ready. Chaitra wonders why Aarti did not say something.

In the storeroom, the iron was switched on its own. Maatangi remembers she had to iron the saree. She goes to check the switch was on. Suddenly, she notices the iron was not hot. Maatangi gets an electric shock with the iron and fell unconscious. Aarti runs to Maatangi. Ashok hands her spray gun. Everyone gather around. Ashok says the switch is powered off, how she got the shock. Maatangi was conscious. Maatangi says she got the electric shock. Rani takes everyone. Ashok sends Maatangi to the room. Aarti speaks to Maatangi that Cheeru is angry with her. Maatangi smiles at Aarti and says the protective cover is working to save Chaitra from Cheeru. Aarti says Cheeru will not do anything to Chaitra. Maatangi says Cheeru can not come near him. Aarti disagrees that she can not let Maatangi’s stake her life for their family. She goes to pull off the amulet from Chaitra’s neck.

Rani makes a call that Guru ji is coming home. She will be there a little late. She confirms a meeting, as she has to be there to know what is happening.

In the room, Chaitra asks where Aarti had gone. Aarti says she had to prepare for Guru ji. Aarti wished to speak to Chaitra. She asks Chaitra if Chaitra will do what she says. Aarti was reluctant. Chaitra promises to do anything. Aarti demands Chaitra to pull off this amulet. Chaitra says Maatangi gave her the necklace so that she is protected from Cheeru. Aarti tells her to remove this. Chaitra agrees. Aarti thinks her life is at stake, still she is obedient; she trusts her dearly. Chaitra removes the amulet.

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