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Qayamat Ki Raat 27th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri’s nani dies

Qayamat Ki Raat 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kalasur throttles Raj. He says you came to kill me. Now you will die yourself. Gauri says leave him Kalasur. Kalasur says he will die today. Guru ma says Gauri take this sword and kill him. Gauri takes the sword and cuts kalasur’s hand. He runs. his hand is still there.

Uma comes home and says no one can see my real face. She comes down and lays down with all fainted people. Raj and Gauri wake everyone up. Uma says what happened to all of us? Dharam says Kalasur must have done this. Menakshi says he wanted to kill us. Gauri says where is my nani? They all look for her. Some people come and say that a dead woman is found.

Kalasur is angry. He says I want Gauri. I want my hand back too. Mishka says Gauri is with him now. She isn’t alone. Gauri and Raj come

there. They see nani dead. Gauri screams and cries. She says nani.. You just came in my life. Menakshi says she is alive. Her hand is moving. Gauri says lets take her to hospital. Uma says if she gets up she will tell everyone. Raj hugs Gauri and says dont’ worry.

Dharam ad Guru ma lock Kalasur’s hand in a box and bury it. Guru says dharam it is your responsibility now.
Doctor says there had been excessive bleeding. we are trying our best. Uma says I will stay here with Menakshi. Gauri says I will stay with nani. Prithvi says I and Gauri will stay here. Prithvi asks everyone to go.
Raj says I wont leave anyone who did this to nani. Gauri says it was none of them. That black hat woman did this. Maybe dadi knows who she is.

Menakshi says to Uma you look worried. Uma comes to Mishka and Kalasur. she says how could she stay alive. Mishak says you could confirm. Kalasur says go and look for my hand first. Mishka says if that old woman tells anyone we will be exposed. Kalasur says mishka you go and kill her. And Uma look for my hand. I will get what I want.

Guru ma comes to Raj and Gauri an says we have kept it in the trunk. He would be looking for his hand. dharam says we have conceal his hand. Raj says we will keep it in the temple. That black hat woman would try to steal it and we will see his face. Gauri goes home with Guru ma.
Prithvi calls police around the haveli. He says where is uma? Uma comes home. She says I went to take water. Aditi says mom there is a big problem. Gauri comes home with that trunk. Menakshi says why did you bring it here? Gauri says we will keep this in the temple. It can’t do anything there. Kalasur is seeing all this. Gauri says this Kalasur will die now. Please prepare for pooja guru ma. Uma says in heart I have to take this handout.

Mishka comes to nani’s room to kill her. Dharam and Raj come there. They throw ganga jal on her. She tries to run but Raj and Dharma don’t let her. kalasur says what is happening. all my helpers are in trouble. Guru ma is doing her pooja. Kalasur says I have to go there and do it on my own.
The pooja starts. Kalasur comes. He screams. Gauri says he can only shout. He can’t do anything. Gauri says your game is over Kalsur. He says you have to come with me. Gauri stands in front of everyone. Kalasur tries to open her eyes.

Nani wakes up and says I have to meet Gauri right now. I have to tell her truth of Uma. She walks out.
Gauri everyone go to temple. he can’t do anything there.
Mishka is trying to stop dadi. Nani says that black hat woman. Mishka throws knives towards them. They stab nani. Raj says nani.. Doctor is coming. Nani says that woman.. Nani dies.

Gauri says Kalasur you have lost.
Raj and Dharam run after mishka. They throw sindur on her. Mishka burns.
Gauri stabs kalasur.
No precap.

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