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Behir & Adiya FF : Chilling Visions Part 5


Everybody comes back in afternoon after good tour. They all hear noise of piano playing in the house

Ajitabh : Wifey who is that saint playing such a tune in our house (Says teasingly)

Vish ; shut up, you are always joking, at least remember about your profession

Zoya : don’t be so mean to him, it might be Bela who else

Vish : really? from when did she started to play piano

Mahir : exactly I mean I never saw here even talking about instruments

Aditya : lets go check na

Everybody sees Bela completely lost and focused in playing piano and not realize their presence in house.

Mahir : look at her she is so lost in that piano how mean

Noor : Bela di (shouts)

Bela does not respond

Vish : she won’t respond like this (taps hardly on her shoulder shouting her name)

Bela looks up to them

“When did you all came” she asks casually

Zoya ; we are standing from 15 minutes and you didn’t even realize

Bela : no, thats why I am asking you all, anyway how was your trip

Aditya : now going with girls you know how amazing that would be

Zoya stamps on his feet irritatedly and walks inside kitchen

Adi : she is very fond of me (says funnily)

The girls goes into kitchen preparing for lunch. Vish and Zoya doubts Bela’s behavior while rest of them are not aware of her newly attitude

Zoya : Vish you are thinking same as I am

Vish : of course something is definitely wrong and we have to take action before its too late

Zoya : we will keep an eye on her but without her knowledge

Vishaka ; lets go out first and set table

Everybody enjoys the food. Later in evening after sun sets after everybody dozes off in their room. As soon as dark clouds covers the moon . Bela starts walking to the back house holding an axe. Zoya and Vish follows

“Oh my god how did she get inside” Vish wonders

Zoya : but what is in that house

Vish : nobody lives there an elderly couple daughter died years ago and after that they left this house when we were moving here

Zoya : lets go come on

Noor is reading a book when Arjun makes fun of her choice

Noor : excuse me

Arjun : you are reading those ghost stories really i mean what are you thinking

Noor : those are not ghost stories its called exorcism and talent never get waste

Arjun : please don’t insult that word you think this ghost stuff will come to any use

Noor : one day you will also remember and come for help to me

Arjun : day dreaming is good but should not take it seriously

Noor : its night time and ghost appears at this time right according to your knowledge

Arjun : shut up and go to sleep, good night

Bela goes inside the locked house looking that his totally dark. She sees the scary doll wearing white frock with red lining and tired brown hair.

“Bela” Vishaka brings her back putting a locket in Bela’s neck. She starts shouting loud and falls unconscious

Zoya : Bela open your eyes (taps her face) what happened

Vish calls Mahir immediately. He takes Bela back to room while Vish locks the door from outside to prevent anybody from going inside

Mahir : Vish can you tell me what is going on I am worried

Vish : actually we are also worried since day, I feel something has happened wrong

Ajitabh : what are you trying to say?

Vish : Ajitabh you know that house was supposed to be locked right, old couple told us not to go inside

Ajitabh ; of course i know but they didn’t tell us the reason

Vish : exactly there might be something na if they have not told us reason

Ajitabh : what does that to do with Bela

“I think its possible Bela may have opened the house to know and thats why her health is getting worst” Adi’s words scares others

Zoya (panics) : no this is all lie there is nothing like ghost

Adi : calm down please, come with me (takes her to other room)

“Aditya I am really scared you don’t know what happened in that house, Bela was really possessed and she shouted” Zoya starts getting anxiety attacks

“Zoya listen to me I am with you I won’t let anybody get harm you trust me?” Aditya holds her face to make her calm

She nods

Aditya : see Bela needs our support okay, we cannot become weak, first of all we have to confirm what exactly is wrong with her

Noor : Adi I strongly feel there is much more than we think

Arjun : here comes our mind reader

Noor : this is not time to joke, I told you while ago you will need my advise in all this

Arjun ; please I will die rather than taking your advise keep that with you

Noor : Really? the day I am not around you will understand and you will use my advise

Zoya ; shut up Noor (says hugging Adi tightly emotionally) you don’t see timings and start tantrums

Arjun : your sister knows that you are a big trouble too

Noor : don’t instigate my sister

“ENOUGH both of you, is this time for such things, get out of this room right now” Adi kicks them out of room

Arjun : bhai listen to me once

Adi : I don’t want to hear any of your both useless talk go

Noor : Aaapi (tells Zoya)

Adi : go to your room and sleep (closes their door on face)

Noor : because of you I am thrown out, my image is ruined nobody did to me before

Arjun ; excuse me he is my bro he also never kicked me out like this, I am getting irritated bye (leaves with irritation)

Noor ; this guy is such a pain yaar (somebody taps her head from back but is invisible)

She turns around but does not see anybody and goes back to her room

Zoya shakes in fear and tells him to stay with her for the night.

Adi : I am not going anywhere okay, let me make special coffee for you

Zoya : I said don’t leave the room

Aditya : you have such weak ears go check the doctor who said I am going alone (lifts her in arms)

Zoya : put me down somebody will see us

Aditya : no worries I am very shameless and they are ours not strangers

Zoya : you and that Noor are gone case seriously

Aditya puts her on counter top and starts to make hot chocolate.

Zoya : you know how to make coffee or just like that

Aditya : aree you just try my hot chocolate you will order me to make everyday

Zoya admires him lovingly making coffee recalling their old moments.

Dil Mera Puchh Raha Hai Tujhse

Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Dil Mera Puchh Raha Hai Tujhse

Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Aankhon Mein Neendo Mein Khawabon Mein 

Tera Hi Chehra Hai Abb To Sanam

Yaadon Pe, Mere Khayalon Pe

Tera Hi Pehra Teri Kasam

Aditya hands the coffee mug to her. She ends up dropping sip of hot chocolate on him  mistakenly.

Saanson Mein Tu Meri Saanson Mein

Bin Tere Jaane Jaan Kya Zindagi

Darti Hoon Har Pal Main Darti Hoon

He starts walking out but she keeps holding his hands emotionally.

Tu Chod Jaaye Na Mujhko Kabhi

Dhadkan Puchh Rahi Hai Tujhse, 

Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Adi kisses her forehead and takes to room. He lays on couch covering himself with duvet  while Zoya too closes her eyes admiring him smilingly.

 Bela starts getting nightmares of the place waking up with terror

“No, leave me alone” she starts to murmur

Mahir hears her voice and turns on the light

“Its okay I am here nothing will happen” she hugs him tearfully filled with terror inside

Bela : I don’t know what is happening, please save me if again

Mahir (holds her face) : look here nothing will happen to you, that power won’t reach to any of us okay

Bela : I am really scared

Mahir : yaar ghost run away from you and here you are getting scared not fair

Bela starts hitting him

Mahir : wait I am too sensitive stop it

Bela : I will kill you (hits him with pillows and runs after him)

In scuffle both falls on bed together with Bela on top of him. Mahir tugs her hair behind coming on his face. She tries to move but again gets more close to him.

Mahir : Bela ji you are way too dangerous than I thought

Bela : than learn to get scared from me (gets up from him)

Mahir (sits next to her leaning on bed) : you remember our college days so much fun

Bela ; you troubled me a lot, I will make you pay very soon remember

Mahir : oh please you don’t have guts, I have done millions things from childhood remember that picnic in Mount Abu

Bela : don’t remind me okay, you made me fall on those woods in fun, that scar is still on my hands

Both goes into college flashbacks.

Itni pyaari nahin

Lagi aaj tak hai re
Dekhu tujhe dil mera
Dhadka jaaye re
Itni pyaari nahin
Lagi aaj tak hai re
Dekhu tujhe dil mera
Dhadka jaaye re
Kya hai jaadoo
Tujh mein sanam
Kasam ki kasam
Poore huve hum
Main bhi tera dil bhi
Tera jaan bhi teri
Hai re

Bela is sipping drink in movie theater when Mahir her tricks into drinking her coke. He puts something in her hands and it turns out something sticky.

Itna pyaara nahin

Laga aaj tak hai re

Dekhu tujhe dil mera

Dhadka jaaye re

Itna pyaara nahin

Laga aaj tak hai re

Dekhu tujhe dil mera

Dhadka jaaye re

Kya hai jaadoo

Tujh mein sanam

Kasam ki kasam

Tere huve hum

Main bhi teri dil bhi

Tera jaan bhi teri

Hai re

Itni pyaari nahin

Lagi aaj tak hai re

Dekhu tujhe dil mera

Dhadka jaaye re

O hai re o hai re

O hai re o hai re

Bela dozes off on his hands. He kisses her forehead and covers with duvet.

Ajitabh : my lovely and wicked minded wifey why are you pacing in own room sit here

Vish : will you please stop joking? I am so much tensed for Bela

Ajitabh : listen she is fine now

Vish : at least once become little serious

Ajitabh : if we really want to know, I think we should first find out history of that house and maybe from the couple

Vish : where will we find the couple? we are not sure where they are

Noor looks up something on google about the house.

In haunted house the chair with doll starts to move itself. Clock strike noise. Doll turns to another side

Precap : Mahir’s brother and girlfriend arrives to meet them at Ooty. Noor and Vish join hands to dig out truth before it gets late.

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