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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Mahua takes Sweety on her side

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla going to the bathroom. Radhe looks at the terrace. Mahua asks where is he looking at? Radhe asks if Sarla has gone to Mahua. He laughs. Pappu asks Radhe to let this lady go back. Radhe says you had eaten koftes and is backfiring. Mahua says you will not say him anything, says Pappu is my elder son. Pappu says I am just my Amma’s son. Radhe tells that if he remembers all then she will be called as his new Amma. Sweety comes there and tells what if Amma threatens us, lies to us, warns us etc, but that doesn’t mean that you shall make fun of Amma infront of Mahua. She says Mahua shall leave from here. Mahua tells that all film starts charm in one person…Sweety asks really? Mahua asks her to do acting. Sweety says she does acting, but nobody shoots her acts. She tells that she tells all dialogues of her life with the hope that someone make the film and she becomes heroine. She tells that she is getting wasted. Mahua tells that her brother is a Bhojpuri director and is making film, searching the heroine. Sweety calls her Choti Amma and starts acting. Mahua says you shall be in bollywood, Hollywood, tollywood etc. Sweety says you are so good and says when you have identified my acting talent then help me. Mahua tells that she will call her brother Montu to Sipri. Sweety hugs her. Sarla thinks she won’t let her stay here.

Radhe imagines dancing with Mahua…on the song Tohfa…Sweety and Pappu are dancing in imagination while Sarla looks upset. It turns out to be Sarla’s imagination and he wakes up. Sarla asks him to tell about his dream. Radhe says nothing. Sarla thinks it was a bad dream. Pappu asks Mahua’s son if he took his jeans. Her son tells that he didn’t take. Radhe says my Amma would have taken. Radhe comes there wearing Pappu’s jeans and asks him to wear his pant kept in room. Pappu asks where is he going? Radhe tells that Mahua told something so he is going with her to a certain place so that he can remember. Sarla laughs seeing Radhe in jeans and threatens him not to go out of house. Mahua says you can’t talk to him like this. Sweety takes Mahua’s side. Pappu takes Sarla’s side. Sweety says Amma is talking badly with Choti Amma. Mahua says you are my Didi, but your actions are not such. Sarla, Mahua and Sweety argue. Radhe shouts asking them to stop and tells that he couldn’t recall anything, asks her to go. Mahua says I will not leave you and will stand here. She acts and tells that her father and brother are coming today. She says if you don’t recall anything even then, I will leave. She cries and goes to room.

Radhe asks Sarla if they shall give last chance to them and thanks Laddoo Gopal for giving big heart to Sarla. He tells Pappu that he will go out and take a breath. Pappu asks him to give his jeans. Radhe asks him to wear something else. He goes to terrace and imagines Gudiya. Harbheji greets him and says I need to talk to you. Radhe says I am sorry for whatever Sarla devi said. Harbheji says I am sympathetic for you, asks him what is the problem if he stays with both wives. Radhe likes her idea and tells that his life is ruined with Sarla. Harbheji tells that he is like her brother and asks if she shall make Sarla understand? Radhe says yes. She asks him to take care and goes. Radhe thinks she is so good.

Later Radhe comes out of the bathroom, Pappu and chota pappu argue to go. Radhe asks Chote Pappu to go. Pappu says this is not right. Radhe talks about politics. He says you was first in my heart, chote Pappu was in doubt still. Pappu hugs him and says I will wait. Sweety asks Mahua about Montu. Mahua tells that her mother died when she was 7 and Montu was small. She tells that she had to become his mother at such a young age and tells that she used to yearn for her Amma, which she never got. Sweety cries feeling her pain. Sarla looks on.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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