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Tere ishq me jana – swaragsan-Epiosde 3

Rag: who are u? Why r u sleeping on mid of road? Drunk?
San: hello miss. Am I seem like a drunk? I just fell unconscious.
Rag: am seeing u first time here. Are u new here? Why u were unconscious.? Any problem?
San: no serious problem. Actually… From yesterday I dint had food.
Rag: who’s with you?
San: no one. Am alone .
Rag: ok. Come with me.
She takes him to her home. It was just a single room. One side few necessary things for cooking. Other side a small cupboard. A table, chair and a bed.
Sanskar was thinking: is this her home? This much small? This is not equal to my freshroom also. How can she manage her life here.
Ragini brings food for him.
Rag: I’ve this much only. Sit and eat.
San: (smiling happily) thanku very much. You know I was really very hungry. I never stayed hungry for too long.
Rag: smiling.. it’s ok. It’s a simple food.
San: it’s very tasty.
Rag: thanks. By the way what’s your name? What do you do?
San: am sanskar mahe…(stops) sanskar.u?
Rag: am Ragini.
San: can u do one more favour on me?
Rag: what?
San: please give me any job?
Rag: (surprised) job? Me? You are asking like as if am conducting interview.
San: no. I mean if you know any job. Am new here. Don know anyone.
Rag: (thinks) ok. I work in a dress shop. I’ll talk with my owner. But am not sure ok.
San: happily.ok.
Rag: tomorrow come with me.
San: but I don Have home to stay.
Rag: oh god. I think I invited trouble. U don’t have anything? Ok u can stay with me here.
San: here? With you?
Rag: see. If our heart is pure.then no need to worry. In other way we are same. You are poor and am also poor. One poor can atleast help other poor na. You sleep on floor. I’ll sleep on bed.
San in mind: how good she is. She doesn’t even know me. And she’s helping me.
Rag: where u lost.? Tomorrow wake up at 4.
San: at 4? I wake up at 1.
Rag: what do u do by waking up so early?
San: early.? Al says it’s very late. I get up at after nun 1.
Rag: keeps her hand on her forehead. I told morning 4.
San: (shockingly.) What? Morning 4? Why?
Rag: in this colony only one water supply is there which starts at 4.30 and stops at 5. All colony people use that water only. So to get water you have to wake up at 4 to stand in queue.
San: what? This much struggle only for a single bucket of water.?
He remembers how he wasted lot of water daily.
Rag: yes. Now sleep. GN
San: GN

@early morning
Sanskar wakes up and sees sun rising, he remembers swara’s words. ‘have u ever seen sunrise?’
San: (shouts loudly and happily) I saw sunrise.
All were luking at him weirdly including Ragini.
She goes near to him. In slow voice
Rag: what happened? Why r u shouting? All r luking at u only.
San: still happily and loudly. Ragini see sunrise. It’s very beautiful.
Rag:(slowly) sanskar sun rises daily.
San: but am seeing first time.
Rag: now stop shouting. Take water and let’s go.
San still in same condition repeating words. Really very beautiful sunrise.
Rag: (in mind) I think he came from mental hospital. He’s actions telling that only.

They both get ready.
San: how will we go? Do u have bike?
Rag: sanskar. We will go by bus. Nw don’t ask anything. I’ll take you. You just come.

@bus stand
Both r waiting for bus. Bus comes.
Rag: come sanskar get into the bus.
San: Ragini wait. Al r going inside. Let them go. Then we will go.
Til she tells something bus went.
Rag: sanskar bus Wil not wait for us. We too have to get in like other people do.
San: but Ragini…
Rag: other bus is coming. Now just get inside fast.
Both get inside. Sanskar get down. Seeing him Ragini also get down.
Rag: now what happened sanskar?
San: dint u see Ragini. Bus is ful. Let other bus come. We will sit and go.
Rag: (gets irritated) for this reason you got down from bus?
San: smilingly. Yes.
Rag: (little angry) sanskar. Don’t Tel me that u have not travelled through bus. In bus if we don’t get seat we have to stand only. Or else we will never reach.
Poor Ragini doesn’t know that sanskar don’t even know about meaning of bus.
San: (little scared seeing her) ok ok. We will stand and go.

Rag: sir, he’s my friend sanskar. Searching for job. Can u please give him a job here? Last week only one man left job. You can replace sanskar with him.
Sanskar gets happy unknowingly as Ragini mentioned him as friend.
Own: Ragini, now a days honest workers are very less. What if he runs away in middle?
Rag: no sir he’ll not. Am sure about that.
Own: ok Ragini. Whats your name?
San: sanskar sir.
Own: as Ragini is saying, am giving you job.
San: gets very happy. Thanku sir, thanks a lot. Sir what’s salary.?
Own: see, you are new. I can’t give you more than 5000.
San: very happily. Thanku so much sir. It’s enough for me. Thanku. I’ll work honestly.
Ragini feels happy seeing sanskar happy.

Swara pov
What I did. Why I talked about challenge. What’s his mistake. He loves me very much. Why I don’t understand. Sanskar where r u? I want to ask sorry. Am really sorry. I’ll find you.

Precap:struggle of sanskar at shop

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