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Savitri Devi 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gayatri telling Ria that she feels Dr. Kabir haven’t forgotten Sanchi still. She says I dislike him, but he is in your life and if you stay quiet, then Sanchi will take him out of your life. She asks her to understand and do something. Dr. Malhotra hears her and asks Gayatri, what is wrong with her. He says just now Ria is married and still Vidaai haven’t happened? You are making her against her husband and asks why she is spoiling the house environment. Gayatri says if I am spoiling or you and asks what is he cooking with Sanchi? Dr. Malhotra asks her to shut up and goes. Veer and Sanchi are in the jungle. Veer asks did you remember Baba’s riddle. Sanchi says the riddle fully. Veer says the place which we need to go to south direction. Nayantara hears them. They see

the trees. Sanchi says we will go separate ways and check. Veer says we will not leave each other hands.

Sanchi says nothing will happen to us and Nayantara has to face me to harm you. Veer says whatever, I didn’t hold this hand to leave you. Nayantara sees two goons drinking and makes her appearance like of Sanchi. She signs them and goes near them. The goons dance with her. Nayantara starts walking while the goons follow them. She vanishes suddenly. Goons think where did she go? Veer and Sanchi are searching for the clue, when the goons see them. A goon tells the other that the girl is clever, danced with us and roaming with third person. Sanchi hides behind Veer. Veer asks Sanchi to come. Goons stop them. Veer asks goons to go. Goon takes out the knife and attacks Veer. Veer fights with them and beats them. Goons fall down. Nayantara says Veer can’t win from me. She recites some mantras and makes the goons get up. Goon gets up and holds Veer’s neck. They get Nayantara powers. One of the goon lifts Veer in air and then beats him badly. Sanchi cries in pain and shouts for help. Nayantara says I wanted to see this pain in your eyes, your family is going to end soon. Sanchi shouts Veer seeing him getting unconscious.

Dr. Malhotra thinks somehow I have hidden Tantrik’s matter and thinks where is Veer and Sanchi? Don’t know what is happening. Dr. Kabir comes and asks why you are so worried? Dr. Malhotra says fine. Dr. Kabir says I was thinking to stay in hotel with Ria, and will search a house. Dr. Malhotra says this house is yours and you can stay here. He says if Ria stays with us then we will not miss Priya much. Dr. Kabir says okay. He says I need to finish some important work and leaves. Ria comes and tells that she thought to make Ganesh ji with clay. Dr. Malhotra says great. Savitri comes. Dr. Malhotra says Ria is going to make Ganapati. Savitri says good and asks about Veer and Sanchi. Dr. Malhotra says they must be in hospital for surgery. Ria asks Savitri to help her in making Ganapati. Dr. Malhotra worries for Veer.

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