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Porus 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Kills Cletius

Porus 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Puru reads Alexander and says he will go to meet Alexander as he cannot see his citizens hungry. Hasti says he has to walk in his deadboy to reach Alexander. Citizens also lie on ground and say he has to cross over their deadbodies first. Puru reminisces telling Bamni that he is sure his citizen will not disappoint him. Chanakya asks what is his next order.

Alexaner with his family and team watches dance enjoying liquor. He asks Barsine to serve him more liquor to celebrate Porus’ defeat. She serves liquor. He holds her hand lustfully looking at her. Roxanne fumes in jealousy. Barsine feels embarrassed. Cletius also gets jealous and tries to leave. Alexander asks where is he going. Cletius says he wants to leave with his permission. Alexander says he wants everyone to watch Puru

being insulted. Grocery carts return. Soldier informs all groceries returned from Pourav rastra. Cletius confronts Alexander that he wanted to explain him same, his act rebonded Pouravs more strong, Alexander thinks he cannot be defeated and all his plans succeeded, but he failed here and they incurred huge losses. Alexander warns to shut his mouth. Barsine smirks standing behind. Hephastian tries to take Cletius away. Cletius says their king thinks himself as gold, but he is a failed king and is unfit to rule. Alexander angrily tries to attack Cletius, but Hephastian stops him saying Cletius is inebriated. Cletius continues confronting Alexander. Olympia orders to catch and imprison him. Cletius says he sacrified his life for Alexander and left his country for Alexander’s loyalty, but this is what he is getting, Alexander is just using them to win Bharath, Philip was a better king than Alexander. Alexander angrily frees himself and throws spearhead across Cletius’ body. Cletius dies.

Puru sees citizen eating soil in hunger and asks Chanya what he should do now. Chanakya says hunger is the biggest enemy now. He continues giving his moral gyaan.

Alexander walks into his tent heavily inebriated holding wine and reminiscing Cletius’s confrontation thinks how can Cletius do this to him. Hephastian with soldiers perform Cletius’ last rights. Soldiers discuss that Cletius was loyal to Alexander whole life and Alexander himself killed his loyal, this is the first time where Alexander is not attending his army general’s last rights. Alexander continues shouting how can Cletius betray him. Barsine walks in and says Cletius had told him that he would die for Alexander, but Alexander himself took his loyal’s life believing her than his loyal. Alexander reminisces the incident. Barsine says he cut his one hand from other. He angrily pushes her and shouts to get out. She thinks he will die soon in his arrogance.

Precap: Barsine holding knife walks towards Alexander saying it is time for him to die.

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