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Nimki Mukhiya 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Annaro talks to Ram

Nimki Mukhiya 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu says if I eat babbu will die. Ram says they don’t care about you. ANnaro calls Nimki. she says are you fasting? Nimki says yes for papa. Papa is asking me to eat. Annaro says no please don’t eat. Nimki says you are saying I should fast for babbu? Annaro says yes you have to fast for Babbu. It is about his life. Sweeti says because Bindya broke her fast so his life is on you. Nimki says wow that’s great. Nimki says mother in law don’t worry.

Ritu is playing cards. Everyone is laughing. Bindya sits with Babbu Annaro says stay away from babbu. I called her here for kicking Nimki out and now i have to beg her. Bindya says I am sorry. Diamond says she is a kid. Bindya says I am not a kid. Annaro says this is your last chance. Dablo says keep her away

from babbu. Diamond says ask babbu. They all laugh.

Nimki looks at all the sweets. She is hungry. Nimki video calls Sweeti and says I want to talk to annaro.
Nimki says your son’s life is in my hands. I want to eat all these sweets. Ananro says don’t you dare. Nimki says talk with love or I will eat it. Nimki says talk to my papa. Annaro says I wont. Nimki says okay then let me eat.
Annaro says where is your father? she says call papa. You have to invite him too. Sweeti says I think you should eat that sweets. Annaro says no. I will invite your dad. She says thank you. Nimki says I am taking phone inside. Nimki says papa my mother in law wants to talk to you. She wants to know how you are. ANnaro says are you okay ram? How are you doing? Ram says I am better. Annaro says when you get better you have to come to our place. Nimki says this is Ramla chachi. Annaro says hello. Babbu says how are you? i wanted to come. Mauha says how are you? He says good. Babbu says take care of Nimki. Sweeti says send Nimki back Babbu misses him. Call ends. annaro is very angry. Annaro says this Nimki is blackmailing me because of you Bindua. Sweeti ask her to complete her fast. Sweeti says you were so happy when she was slapped. Annaro says I will be happy on it again.
Nimki says see papa how much he takes care of me.

Tune says what was all this? She says we have to lie to keep people happy. Tune says Ram looks relaxed. She says I am so hungry. Nimki says I kept this fast for papa not Babbu. So he is happy now. I think I can eat now. Tune says yes eat. She eats all the sweets. Nimki says I hope he doesn’t die. She says well I don’t care whatever happens. She eats more. Tune takes her photo. They laugh.
Precap-rRekha says are you not hungry? You fasted. Nimki says who fasted? i didn’t.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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