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Mere Sai 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpat Rao Seeks Sai’s Help

Mere Sai 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ganpat Rao challenges Kulkarni that whole Shirdi will praise his acting skills and pay to see his acting. Kulkarni warns to try whatever he wants to, he will how will he stay in Shirdi. Pant takes Ganpat Rao aside. Ganpat Rao’s drama troupe member Gopi goes to wash clothes on village well praising himself. Woman there does not let him wash clothes there. Sai passes by. Gopi complains him. Sai takes him to Dwarkamayi and gives water to clean clothes. Gopi continues murmuring that he is great artist Gopal Das, but his drama company made him Gopi and let him do menial chores, he had acted once as pillar and then rolling stone. Sai asks him to act as washing clothes and smiles.

Keshav returns home. Kulkarni angrily throws glass in front of him and scolds how dare he is to insult him

and praise Ganpat Rao. Keshav says he told truth.

Pari and her friends walk behind artist who acted as Rani Damayanti, taunting and laughing him. Ganpat Rao asks him to clean his bindi and asks kids how do they know so much about drama. They say Keshav described them how mesmeriing their drama was and how lively Ganpat Rao’s acting was. Ganpat Rao asks why don’t they come to watch drama. Pari says ticket price is very high, they cannot afford. He asks how much they can afford. She says her father would give 10 paisa max. Ganpat Rao asks Pant to reduce ticket price to 10 paisa for children. Pant says they can. Ganpat Rao says people are liking his drama and asks t reduce price to 10 paisa. Pant says they will not recover money even in years. Ganpat Rao says it is fight between artist and arrogant Kulkarni, he can see many people in que to buy tickets.

Gopi finishes washing clothes and says Sai he will go now. Sai asks to wash clothes here itself. He says he cannot take risk, else he will lose job, so he will leave. Sai asks to find some safe place and dry clothes. Kulkarni on the other side orders Anta and Banta to do something and make sure Ganpat Rao is forced to leave Shirdi. They both see Gopi carrying clothes and steals them, then return to Kulkarni and inform him that drama cannot happen without lead artists’ costumes. Kulkarni gets happy and rewards them.

Gopi informs Ganpat Rao that he lost costumes. Ganpat Rao scolds him and asks how will he get new clothes in 1 day. Pari and her friends suggest to take Sai’s help. Ganpat Rao walks to Sai and informing him whole situation seeks help. Sai asks to get new clothes stitched. Ganpat Rao yells he came to seek help, but he is telling same which he knows, he has cloth material, but 1 tailor cannot stitch clothes in 1 day. Jhipri asks why he is angry all the time, 1 person cannot stitch clothes in a day, but if many people try, they can, if he requests humbly, people will help him. Pant requests Sai for help. Sai smiles.

Precap: Sai sings bhajan and people enjoy. Ganpat Rao gives money to Sai and says it will help him in need. Sai keeps it smiling.

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