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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s 7 Demands

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar asks Jaya that he fell in her love once and even now loves her, did she fell in his love anytime. She holding her fingers crossed behind her back says no and walks away crying reminiscing Naani’s words that sometimes love means sacrifice. Samar says bye Jaya and stands sadly.

In court, Satya fights a woman’s divorce case and requests judge to grand divorce. Woman says does not want divorce and wants to live with her husband. Satya tries to convince her. Woman says her husband is right, who will take care of their newborn baby if she goes to job, she and her child need her husband. Satya tries again. Judge warns her that she cannot force her client for divorce if she does not want to and cancels bail plea. Satya stands shocked after losing her case for

the first time. She comments that fool woman will cry her whole life now. Rama enters and says that young woman learnt to make a few adjustments and live life happily hereon. Satya asks why did she come here. Rama says she had to come for the sake of children, though their ideologies are opposite, they cannot ignore their children’s love for each other. Their argument starts. Satya gets adamant that she will not get her daught married where she needs to adjust, Rama came to wrong place. Rama says she will fix marriage in this place itself, what are her demands. Satya says like 7 vows, she has 7 demands/prenuptual agreement. Rama says let her hear her demands.
Satya says #1 Jaya can meet her anytime she wants. Rama asks typtist to type it. #2 Satya says Jaya can phone call her mother anytime. Rama agrees. #3 Jaya can work after marriage. #4 Rituals will not be forced on Jaya. #5 She needs jewelry list she sends with Jaya if he by chance marriage breaks she needs all jewelry back. Rama agrees. Satya says Jaya will not be forced to bear children, she will only when she likes, be it 1 year or 10 years. #6 Rama agrees. #7 If by chance Jaya separates from Samar, 50% of Surana family’s property will be transferred into Jaya’s name. Rama stops. Satya says she knew Rama would not agree and tries to leave. Rama agrees even for this and signs prenuptual agreement, requests not to let children know about this prenuptual agreement and let them enjoy their marriage. Satya promises that nobody will know about it except them.

At home, Kabeer asks Naani if Jaya aunty’s marriage will happen or not. Naani says not at all, Satya will not let anyone marry, not even Kabeer, so he should elope and marry when he grows up. Satya walks in. Shikha signals her. Naani gets nervous. Satya walks into Jaya’s room. Kabeer says Jaya is sad. Naani says Satya will spoil Jaya’s mood even more. Satya walks to Jaya and says she realized that she cannot break Jaya’s heart and agreed for marriage. Jaya gets very happy. Shikha and Anjali walk in. Satya informs same. Shikha says Jaya’s wife will be same like theirs. Satya says not necessarily, Jaya will lead a happy life. Whole family happily hug her.

Precap: Jaya proposes Samar holding rose and asks Mr. Samar Rana will you marry me. Samar says Jaya Sharma I love you. Jaya says I love you too

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