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Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep saves Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says tara were is arohi? Tara says where she should be. Deep goes out to look for her. He sees a gift box.
Deep opens it. There is blood in it with letter your mom is in trouble save her. Deep says if my mom is in trouble I will kill her. Deep leaves to look for his mom. Tara smiles and says you go to your mom and I will kill arohi till then.

Arohi screams and says please get me out of here. Thugs laugh at her. Deep is on his way. Tara and Virat come there. Tara says get me out of here. Virat says you have played enough games with me. You took my gold. I have it now. You have nothing. Tara asys I will kill her with my hands. Tara says you dared coming near my deep. I will burn you no one will save you. Tara says we will send you away with all the rituals.

She puts oil on her. Deep is on his way looking for his mom. Tara puts woods on Arohi and laughs. TAra puts Arohi on fire. Arohi screams. Deep is hidden behind the woods. Virat says lets go from here tara. She says no. There is so much smoke. Tara says I want to see her ashes. She says wait. Tara says I am going arohi. I will come to see your ashes. Good bye Arohi. They leaves. Deep takes the woods off and takes Arohi out of it. He says Arohi open your eyes nothing will happen to you. He takes her to a side and says aroho open your eyes. Tara takes a wood and puts it. She throws it towards the camp. Tara says I will burn around everything so she is not safe. Virat says lets go.

Deep says arohi open your eyes. Arohi screams and cries. She hugs deep. Deep hugs her. Arohi says deep its burning. He is fainting. Arohi says deep get up. He says go from here please. Arohi says I can’t leave you alone. Arohi says the camp is falling. Deep says please go from here. Arohi says no deep I can’t leave you. She pulls him out he is fainted. Arohi takes him to a side and says deep please open your eyes. He opens eyes. Arohi says you saved me from them and risked your life. Why would I leave you alone. Arohi hugs him. Deep says if something happened to you i couldn’t forgive myself. Arohi says you saved me and our baby. He says you are my baby’s mother. Arohi coughs. Deep picks him. Deep brings her water and makes her drink. Deep hugs her. Tara sees them together.

Tara gets angry and says how long can I tolerate all this. I told you not to go from there. Deep saved er. virat says deep wont let anything happen to her. Virat says you have to do something to kick her out of Deep’s life.
Someone texts deep I think you don’t wanna save your mom. Arohi says you have to go and save your mom. You saved me. Deep hugs her.
Precap-Deep leaves arohi at a place an says don’t go anywhere until I am back. He leaves. Tara comes there. She stabs Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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