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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat wins the finals

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying Sirat will see everyone here. The manager says I will lose my job if federation sees this. Kartik says you had ruined her dreams. Everyone asks the manager to change his decision and let Sirat play. Manager says fine, we will lether play, stop her now. Kartik asks Sirat to come, she is playing the match. Sirat goes down the ring. Kartik says everyone is state champions here, the opponent will be tough, I m glad to see you like this. She says even I can’t believe it, I had dumped the gloves before, where is the coach. Kartik says his bike stopped on the way, Kirti is getting him here. Kirti gets the coach. Coach asks Sirat to come. Kartik asks Sirat to remember Maudi’s wish, then none can stop her from winning. He says listen, go, be careful, don’t get hurt. She says its boxing match, I may get hurt, I will try to be fine. He says take care, all the best. She goes.

Kirti asks what are you thinking, are you really in…. while keeping this fake relation, I have seen you seeing her, tell me. He says I don’t know how to tell her. She says after she wins the match, you can give this good news to her. He says she can refuse. She says she can say yes also, just keep hope and tell her everything. He hugs her. Sirat goes for the first match. She wins. She goes for the final match. Kartik asks Sirat to focus. Coach says knock her out in the first round itself, all the best. Sirat gets punched. She falls down. Kartik asks her to remember Maudi’s last wish. Sirat recalls Maudi and gets up. Sirat fights and wins the championship match. Kartik holds Sirat and says you have won, our dream got complete. He takes her down the ring. Sirat thanks the coach. Coach says I want to thank you, you completed my incomplete dream, I also won and the blame on me got clear, thanks. Everyone congratulates Sirat. Kartik takes her.

Manish says I m feeling thirsty. Surekha says will get water for you. She goes. Suwarna asks are you okay, you look worried. Manish goes. Kartik cares for Sirat. She says I wish Maudi could see this. Kartik says she is seeing us. She says we have to tell the family that we didn’t get married, we have to tell the truth. Surekha hears this and says my doubt was right, I will tell this to Manish. Manish cries. Suwarna says you are crying on Sirat’s success, you are so happy, it means Sirat made a place in your eyes. Manish gets a call. He asks what. Surekha says I want to talk to you. Manish says guard called me, pipeline bursted at home. Kartik says I will come. Everyone asks Kartik to stay with Sirat for medal ceremony. Sirat asks Kartik to go. Manish says we will go, its imp moment of Sirat’s life, you be here. Akhilesh says we will call you if we need. They go home. Akhilesh says walls and wooden floor got damaged, it will take weeks for repair, water leakage was much, we should shift somewhere.

Dadi worries. She says I wanted to get Kartik and Sirat married again. Surekha says no need, their marriage didn’t happen. Kairav and Kirti worry. Suwarna asks why would they lie. Surekha says I heard the truth from them. Sirat gets the medal and trophy. Kartik congratulates her. The manager apologizes for the trouble. She says don’t let this happen with anyone, you shouldn’t regard anyone the culprit until crime is proved. Reporters say congrats, we had been tracking your case, you proved yourself innocent in 7 days. Sirat says you have changed when I won the match. Kartik scolds the reporters. Reporter says really sorry, the evidences were against Sirat that time. He says court decision was pending, you can ruin someone’s career, now Sirat has won, so you are praising her, if she had lost, you would have said wrong. Sirat says leave it Kartik. Akhilesh asks why didn’t you tell before. Surekha says I was going to say. Manish asks are you sure. Surekha says yes, Kartik didn’t make Sirat wear the mangalsutra. Kairav and Kirti say its not like that. Surekha says you both knew this and hid this from us. Manish asks Kirti is this true. Kirti says sorry. He says enough. Akhilesh asks whom shall we believe me.

Surekha says they are living in the same room without marriage, what will be our respect now. Reporters apologize to Sirat. She asks them to use media power rightly, not everyone is lucky like me to have a friend like Kartik, I was shattered, but Kartik gave me courage again. Reporter asks how will you celebrate this success. Kartik recalls Naira’s words. He goes. Later, Sirat looks for Kartik. She sees him inside the ring. He holds her hand and gets her up. She asks what happened, you here in the darkness, alone. He says when we spoke about arrangement marriage, we were here in the ring. She says yes, I remember, why are you recalling it now. He says maybe things get fine or spoil after I say this. She asks what, telling family about fake marriage. He says no, its something else.

Kartik proposes Sirat. He says I have fallen in love with you, do you also love me. Sirat cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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