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Udaariyaan 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh learns Jasmin’s plan

Udaariyaan 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tejo slipping down. She calls out Jasmin. Fateh gets shocked and says how did she come here, did you call her. Jasmin says why would I call. He asks how did she come inside. She says I locked the door, I don’t know why she came inside. He says hide me somewhere. Tejo calls her out. Jasmin thinks its a good chance to get her. Fateh says come here, stop Tejo outside, make her sit outside, go. Jasmin goes to Tejo. She asks how did you fall down. Tejo says don’t know some oil had fallen here. Jasmin recalls oil bottle falling from her hands. She thinks Fateh will be mine forever. They enter the room. Jasmin gets angry seeing Fateh gone. Fateh jumps down the window. Tejo says you kept the room really well, how. Jasmin says like just that, sit, are you fine. Tejo says yes, give me some water. Fateh gets inside his car and drives off. Tejo hears the sound and goes to the window. She thinks this car looks like ours. Fateh recalls Tejo’s words. Jasmin asks are you okay. Tejo says yes, you take rest, why did you keep the door open. Jasmin says I had shut it, don’t know.

Tejo asks who applied oil to your hair. Jasmin thinks I wish Tejo had seen Fateh. She says I applied it, I had to do champi myself, there was no one at home. Fateh stops the car. He says how did Tejo reach there, I will call Jasmin once. He looks for the phone. He says Jasmin has my phone. Jasmin lies in Tejo’s lap. Tejo asks why didn’t you go with everyone. Jasmin says I don’t like how they talk, its not a small thing that my marriage broke down. Tejo says I can understand. She sees two cups of tea. She asks did anyone come. Jasmin says yes, my friend, she went and you came.

Tejo thinks is it Amrik. She asks was it really your friend. Jasmin says yes, there is nothing as you think. Tejo goes to wash hands. Fateh’s phone rings. Jasmin sees the phone on the couch. She disconnects and hides the phone under the tray. Tejo says I felt Fateh’s phone is ringing. Jasmin asks how would it come here, maybe sound is coming from outside, many people have same ringtone. She takes the phone. Fateh says if Tejo gets my phone. He hears Biji saying Tejo has come. Tejo comes to the room. He says I just came, how was your day at college. She says I didn’t go to college, I went home to meet Jasmin, there was no one there. He says you would have talked a lot. She says no, she had a headache, its good she called me. He asks did she call you. She says yes. He thinks of Jasmin. She asks did you feel bad. He says no, I have imp work at the academy, I will just finish it and come. He goes. She says he felt bad of something, but what.

Fateh comes to meet Jasmin. He shouts Jasmin. Jasmin says I knew you will come, we got saved today, take your phone. He throws it. He asks how dare you. She asks what happened. He says you thought you will lie to me and I will not know it, I got to know it, you called Tejo home when I was here, why did you do this. She says no, I didn’t do this intentionally, I thought you won’t come. He says shut up, I told you I will get medicines, I will come, you wanted Tejo to see us, don’t touch me. She says trust me. He says you were playing same game with me like you played with Gippy and Mami, you didn’t think of Tejo, you know what is she going through, you did this intentionally, tell me. She shouts yes Fateh, I did this intentionally, it would have been good if she saw us. He says shut up. She says you are getting attracted to Tejo, I feel you love Tejo, not me. He shouts and throws the table in anger. He says I have done a lot for you, I cheated my wife, my family and everyone, you think this about me. She says no.

He says don’t come close, if you want to stay the same, then I can’t stay in this relationship, I can’t be with you. She asks how can you say this, I did this for you and me, I love you. He says if you did this for us, then you would have told me, I was standing here with you, fighting the world, why did you do this, because you are selfish, you did this for yourself, its over Jasmin. He picks his phone and leaves. She runs after him. He drives off. She cries. Tejo serves the food to everyone. Dada ji asks her to dine along. Biji says she is waiting for Fateh. Fateh comes.

Tejo asks him to come for dinner. He says you have it, I m not hungry. He goes. Nimmo signs Amrik. Tejo says Biji, he would be worried for work, I will take dinner to the room. Gurpreet thinks don’t know what’s going on in his mind. Tejo takes the dinner. She says come on, get out. Fateh asks why are you making me out. She says not you, the one around you. He says there is no one. She gets a hockey. He asks what are you doing. She says not you, help me. He says there is no one. She says spirit. He asks what, did you go mad. She asks don’t you see that angry spirit, that’s why you stay in anger. She acts to beat the spirit. She shuts the door and says don’t come back, I will beat you a lot. He smiles. She says third person can’t be here, I will not tolerate that someone else than me troubles my husband. They smile.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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