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The nights we spent together (Chapter 25 – Last)

Scene shows Vansh driving back to home.Years have passed,he had not drove late night, from the day Riddhima came in his life.

He was pulled by her vibes,but now,when she ,has left. He just has to force himself to move back home.

Many suggested him to change house,

But they rather dont know,

It is the only reason that he is still alive.

“I will die without you,”

She took the promise that he wont end his life with her.

And how could he broke the wish of that person whom he loved more than his breath?

But she didnt know.

That he was dying.

Ever moment ,she came in front of him,

And his ,unfulfilled desires to hold her back,

Was bringing death .

But now,

Nights have started,

to be calmer.

They were, now not that torturing as they were, in the initial months of her demise.

He was slowly ,getting used to all the belongings of Riddhima,

welcoming him back.

He was slowly ,getting habitual,of her belongings, filling her empty life.

He was slowly ,trying to smile,

At her mischievous memories,

Loving nature,

Her personality,

She herself.

He was now,

Living his life,

Himself remembering and saying to her soul,

“Remember the nights ,we spent together?”

-The end of my longest ff.

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