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The nights we spent together (Chapter 24)

Scene shows Vansh getting up on stairs,his way to climb up,was not that same,when he used to climb up with rushing steps,and ending on seeing the smiling face of his life, Riddhima.

Today when he reached the room,

It was all darkened,just dim light of lamp,ofcourse,doctor has prescribed her to sleep at time.

No more late nights talks from last few months,were making there nights, quiet.

He sat besides her. All lost In thoughts, The lamp took him out of them, when it suddenly grew a little bit more brighter.

That lamp had witnessed, their all beautiful nights till now,

Which they used to think,are endless.

Perhaps that might be the reason,

Vansh used to keep it in a maintained condition,

he thought,

That there would be endless nights.

But it was not that,

Everything has an ending.

And this slowly approaching ending,was making him lost interest, in almost everything.

His gaze got affixed on Riddhima’s face.

It seemed weaker .

Not only she,but he had grown much weaker in 6 months,

When she was diagnosed with brain tumor,

Symptoms were there from 1 year or so,but diagnosis takes its own time.

Perhaps,destiny has it’s own rules.

“Dont pretend …sleep Riddhima.”

She smiled softly,

And then got up,shouting like a small kid,

“Enough,I am not sleepy, I want fun”

,she moved her hand to switch on the lights, but he stopped .

It was happening in these months,

She tried to make everything back to normal,

But he,denied everything that  doctor did.

Earlier Vansh used to curse nights,why are they that small,

But Riddhima changed his behaviour to thankfulness showing person,

thanking that nights are there. Bit je now used to curse himself,

For all those nights,when he didnt pay any attention to her. For all those nights,when they fought…he was dying to just,bring back time.

“Vansh,I think that ,you should now move on. I mean…till when will you keep berating yourself? My ailment is not your in hand. “

He tried to move but she stopped.

Hugging him tight,as tight as she could,

” I have not spoken of my approaching death in these 6 months Vansh”…

he tried to move away but she hugged more tight.

“Let me say it today,I want to die with your,smiling face. That’s it.”

Slowly hugging her back,and as the grasp tighten,she could feel his tears dripping on her shoulders,but didnt broke the hug because she didnt wish to see him falling weak.

So he turned himself,againw in the strong Vansh,who was Riddhima’s evergreen support system,to whom she could just rest herself.”

All it ended on their smiling faces, which they were doing,for one another.”

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