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The nights we spent together (Chapter 23)

Scene shows Vansh preparing noodles in kitchen,

Second night without Riddhima,
It was really hard for him to spend a single night without her,perhaps that might be the reason in these years ,he hardly allowed her to spend any night at her mom’s house.
He just,needed her presence,it gave his soul, a different sort of peace.
And a different sort of impatience covered him when he had to move to kitchen in evening,and to find her not there.
But this time ,he had to allow her , to take her class students on a school tour.
He didnt stop her because she was always the strong pillar behind his any new initiative in business, even when it came to Vansh’s mind to name his company’s stocks precentage to Sia, the whole heartedly she accepted, it made him believe that he , would not have been able to survive if she would not have been there.
Last night he ate the food that she left prepared, and even after knowing how to cook,he was just having noodles today, the reason was not his laziness,but the fact that her absence was creating turbulence inside him.
And next when he had to come to the room,just to not find that chirpy lively face around.
Having no reason to smile,
He just texted, ” I love you.”
She instantly replied, “50th time you are messaging this stupid”.
V: “So what,you would come back early?”
R : “Vansh !”
V : “No need for exclamation sign,I can feel your expressions. “
R: ” Why so much love”
V: “Because…I love you.”
R : “…”
V: “I love you “
R: “Acha baba okay..”
V: “Call?”
R: “No principal mam is here”
V: ” She is luckier.”
R: “Vansh…”
V: “Now stop chuckling”
R: “What will you do if I die?”
This changed his expressions, if she would have been here it would have showed her itself,that he will…
V: “I will call Sanjana then.”
She was left with open mouth,but closed it seeing everyone staring her.
R: “Oh…then I will kill you first.”
V: “Really”?
R: “You tell, Really? Sanjana?Seriously “
V: “I will die. “
R: “Vansh”
V: “Now stop making these emotional faces, you should have thought before speaking, but its the truth, I will die that moment “
R: “Vansh”
V: “Send this kiss via voice call?”
R: “Stupid….i love you.”
And so they both slept,with their endless chats.

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