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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gopika returns the shagun. Anant says she can’t marry here. Nikhila asks is that true Gopika? You don’t want this wedding? Gopika is silent. Nikhila says is this your decision? Answer me.. Or.. Ramila comes in and says she loves Aashi too much. She doesn’t want to overtake her sister’s fate so she came here to say this before we could stop her. Ramila says we are all happy. You should marry Saksham. Aashi says you can never find a better guy than him. Ramila says Nikhila has decided it. She must have thought something. God made this couple.

Nikhila asks Saksham do you accept this wedding? Are you ready? He nods. Nikhila makes them eat sweets. She says to Ramila you and Aashi come tomorrow with Gopika. We have to do wedding preps. Gopika touches her feet. Nikhila says stay up.

Scene 2
Aashi says Gopika let me do your makeup. Gopika says thank you. Aashi says don’t wear glasses. You don’t need to see anyone. The liner won’t be visible.

They come to Modi house. Saksham and Gopika look at each other. Aashi says I need to go washroom. Chiragh please show me. He takes her inside. • Nikhila asks your glasses? You look pretty anyway. She asks do you like these sets. I want to know your choice. They are all yours. Ramila is shocked. Baa says your MIL will give you a saree too. Rani gives it to Nikhila. Mr. Modi says you give it. Saksham is your mom. Nikhila says Gopika is modern day girl. Let her choose it herself. Which one do you like? Gopika can’t see.

Aashi sees Chiragh’s shoes and says the brand. He says wow you know it? She says I got it from my first salary. He says Saksham gifted it to me. Nikhila asks Gopika what are you thinking? Which one do you like? Saksham says this would look better on Gopika. He chose the one Nikhila chose. Nikhila says to Rani I have many plans for Saksham’s wedding. You can decide everything for Chiragh’s wedding. Ramila looks at the diamonds on the saree. Ramila says it’s the same saree you liked at Gol market Aashi. Your choices are alike. Nina says this will look good on you. You should keep it. Ramila says how can we keep it? She isn’t the DIL. We can pay for it. Ramila says it’s 50k. Ramila says oh I don’t have cash. Let me get it. Nina says she’s joking. Aashi keep it as a gift.

Saksham says nice to meet you Gopika. Ramila says let’s go Gopika.

Scene 3
Gopika recalls everything and smiles. Ramila says let me keep the gifts safe. They are expensive. She asks for saree. Gopika says I will keep it. Hitain comes with a video and says Nikhila wanted to say good night. Ramila has all the gifts in her hands. Ramila says I was keeping it safe. Nikhila says who can steal from you? After wedding Gopika will bring everything to her home. I remember everything. Tomorrow get Gopika ready for Sangeet. She’s our DIL now. Gopika says Aashi, night.. I mean. Nice.. How to answer that? Aashi says you say nice to meet you.

Scene 4
Baa says this is our photo album. This has all family photos. Will show to Gopika. Will put your wedding pictures and kids’ pictures here as well. Saksham says some pages should be empty.

Gopika gets ready and says I will get engaged today? I can’t believe it. Nice to meet you to.. I don’t know what he likes and what he doesn’t. Aashi will help me.
Ramila gives a book to Aashi and says read this. How to trap boys. She says if Saksham thinks Gopika is useless he can call this wedding off. Keep her a bit away from Saksham. And trap Chiragh. Read this book. They read give them a gift. Aashi says he likes branded shoes. Ramila says better not talk about shoes. Ramila reads they should know you are thinking about them and want to spend life with them. Gopika says I will win Saksham’s heart.

Nikhila says Gopika is brave and wise. She will fill this album.

Episode ends.

Precap-Saksham comes to meet Gopika.. She can’t even use ipad. People taunt her at the engagement. Gopika says I don’t deserve Saksham.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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